Ready to soar to new heights in your business?

Skyrocket your success in just 12 weeks!

Are you overwhelmed with a neverending to do list?

Do you spend more time putting out fires than making progress towards your goals?

Have you struggled with making strategic decisions because there are so many factors to consider?

It’s Time To Mastermind

A mastermind group is the answer to your problems.

It will help you focus, keep you motivated, and provide inspiration to set and reach your goals.

What is a Mastermind?

A mastermind is a small group of individuals who share a common interest in growing professionally. They meet regularly over a set duration to share ideas, give feedback, encourage one another, and hold each other accountable.

Paid vs Free Masterminds

Anyone small group of peers can organize and participate in a mastermind. In fact, most bloggers participate in some version of a free mastermind at some point in their journey.

Whether it’s a group that stays in contact after a conference or retreat, or who discover each other online in a Facebook group — it’s relatively easy to find a few people who are willing to try masterminding together.

These casual groups can be very beneficial and enduring. This is how many people find their “tribe.”

The drawbacks of free groups though are:

  • Lack of Leadership: Unless someone takes the reins, the group can be hard to keep organized and on task resulting in inconsistency and lack of progress
  • Lack of Structure: Most self-organized mastermind groups have a general structure but no clear and precise guidelines, goals, and measures to keep members focused and engaged
  • Lack of Commitment: Since membership is free, it’s easy for group members to prioritize other projects and tasks other than the mastermind

As a result, most free mastermind groups are short-lived, with members accomplishing little, if anything at all. This is the reason most professional bloggers end up seeking a paid mastermind group.

A paid mastermind group offers all the benefits of a free mastermind group, with none of the drawbacks.

Benefits of a Smart Influencer Mastermind

  • Transparency and Trust: Members sign confidentiality and/or non-disclosure agreements so that the group can be a safe space to share information and ideas
  • Professional Compatibility: Members are selected based on their experience and level of commitment to growth so each member can bring value to and benefit from the group
  • Accountability: One of the key elements of our mastermind groups is ensuring each member’s progress towards their goals.

Christina and Corinne did a fabulous job of helping me grow my business. The mastermind encouraged me to stretch myself beyond what I thought I could accomplish. Christina and Corinne are great at asking questions that get to the heart of the matter and really made me think about what I was doing and how it would move me closer to my goals. The mastermind sessions were very helpful and I always ended up with actionable tasks and things to think about for planning for the future. The mastermind was an excellent investment of time and money and I am so glad I was part of it. Joining was a fantastic decision that moved my blog forward and paid for itself.

How is Smart Influencer Mastermind Structured?

The Smart Influencer Masterminds take place quarterly to ensure members have enough time to tackle substantial goals without running out of steam. Christina and/or Corinne participate in every session to keep the group focused and organized.

Groups are limited to a maximum of 6 people to ensure each member gets adequate time, attention and feedback at each weekly session.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 12 weekly 60-minute face-to-face (via Zoom) group sessions
  • Lifetime access to all session recordings
  • Access to exclusive Smart Influencer monthly workshops on relevant topics such as:
    • SEO strategies
    • Product sales
    • Opt-ins and email marketing

Sure, you could hold yourself accountable to achieve the goals you set, but will you? We both know the answer is no. With the Smart Influencer mastermind, you will be held accountable, in the gentlest pushy and encouraging way, so that this time you will actually achieve the goals you set. With Corinne’s and Christina’s support and challenges of my wimpy goal setting, I completed my original goal to set up 17 new products, with tripwires and even went on to set up 3 additional product vaults containing 100+ products. That means that I achieved my goals and exceeded them by 450%! If that alone doesn’t convince you, the ideas and suggestions of the mastermind members were as invaluable in encouraging me to create the product vaults (something I’d never considered) and shared tools and ideas that saved me hours and hours of time and frustration.


Susan Santoro

Organized 31

How Much Does It Cost?

Mastermind membership is $250 per month for 3 months for a total of $750.

When Does the Next Mastermind Session Begin?

Here are the start dates for the 2023 Smart Influencer Mastermind Groups:

  • January 16, 2023
  • April 10, 2023
  • July 3, 2023
  • September 25, 2023

How to Join

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