A Proven Strategy for Driving Traffic with Facebook

Have you given up on using Facebook as a medium to increase traffic to your blog or website? In this week’s podcast, Alicia Murray, owner of the BalancingMotherhood.com blog, discusses how her strategy helped increase traffic with Facebook.  

Alicia Murray A Proven Strategy to Driving Traffic with Facebook

In the era of digital age, social media has created many opportunities for influencers and content creators to share their content on any platform of their preference. However, many have discarded Facebook as an option. Many believe that you have to pay to promote your page through ads but Alicia Murray explains that consistency is the key.

To solve this problem, Alicia Murray analyzed and researched to create a strategy that works for her blog. With her strategy of consistency and adaptation, Alicia has seen successful results and wants to share what has worked for her.

Episode 060: A Proven Strategy for Driving Traffic with Facebook

About Alicia Murray

Alicia worked in corporate America prior to starting BalancingMotherhood.com. She blogs full-time and is married with two kids.

Website: http://balancingmotherhood.com
Instagram: instagram.com/thebalancingmom
Facebook: http://facebook.com/BalancingMotherhood

How to leverage Facebook for your blog

Over the course of a year, Alicia Murray noticed improvement to her Facebook following by monitoring her content. Monitor your posts and analyze your posts to see what works to engage your followers. Although it may seem counterintuitive, sharing other bloggers’ posts allows you to see what your followers like. Fan Page Karma is a useful tool to find content similar to your blog. Your followers will think you share great content and will continue to follow you if you are consistent with it. In addition, this allows to drive traffic to their websites and to yours. Analyze what types of images work best. What attracted traffic, was it the image size, the font, or the style? Once you have established the types of content your followers like, then you can start putting in your own content.

Once you establish your content strategy, engage with your audience. You need to make sure your audience knows they are important to you. Every morning, Alicia checks to see how her posts did from the day before. She also likes comments on her posts and replies to any questions her followers have.

Organize your posts and schedule ahead

Organization is key. Alicia recommends using a scheduler such as Post Planner to schedule posts and always have your queue full. This allows your followers to know what to expect and when. Alicia begins her day by scheduling her posts days ahead so she always has something lined up. Keeping a spreadsheet to keep track of viral content is useful to repurpose your content especially if it is seasonal such as a recipe for the holidays. Moreover, keeping a spreadsheet of your followers allows you to track the traffic to your page and compare your success. Focus on your followers, not the amount of likes.

Build a community with groups

Groups are key players when trying to attract traffic and engagement. Don’t just join any groups; join groups that are in similar categories related to your content. Using Airtable can help you manage your groups and keep track of the groups’ rules. Don’t share posts all at once in every single group; instead, spread your posts within a span of a couple days. If a post does well in a group, then you can venture into sharing that post in your other groups.

By sharing other creators’ posts, you can help increase traffic on their page. Subsequently, they can do the same and return the favor to you. This helps build a community within the bloggers by sharing each other’s content.

“If you’re consistent and you come up with a solid strategy, you can grow your page.”

What’s Next

You can connect with Alicia Murray on her website Balancing Motherhood or through her her favorite platform Facebook.

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