Caleb’s Hacks for Easily Repurposing Video

Caleb Dempsey shares everything you need to know about video content creation with Ecamm Live. Caleb speaks about content repurposing and how video content creators can use this service to grow their audience.

In this episode, Caleb Dempsey explains how to use Ecamm Live for video content creation. Caleb goes over the unique features that Ecamm Live offers, such as the ability to change recording shape and an interview feature. Caleb tells us how content repurposing can give creators more content to post without having to actually film additional content.

Video content creators can greatly benefit from live streaming. Live streaming allows creators to have a better connection with their audience. Incorporating live content can increase creators’ engagement rates on all of their platforms. Caleb owns an influencer management company, Hello Streamer, and has found that live streamers have 20% higher engagement rates on their TikToks compared to influencers who don’t live stream.

Episode 083: [Caleb’s Hacks for Easily Repurposing Video]

About Caleb Dempsey

Caleb Dempsey is the social media and marketing specialist for Ecamm Live, a live production studio for Mac. They partner with folks around the world to create engaging community-first experiences with live video. When they aren’t working, you can find Caleb listening to a true crime podcast or watching a Twitch stream.


Ecamm Live for Video Content Creation

  • Ecamm Live works how your MacOS experience works. You have the ability to drag and drop, command z, brand things, and export Canva templates directly into Ecamm Live.  
  • Ecamm Live allows users to stream through Facebook, this gives users the ability to see comments on their live videos.
  • Features a tool that isolates an audio check for podcasts, this allows easier editing to create the perfect podcast.
  • You can use your Facetime camera on Mac or your iPhone camera. You can even switch between the two.
  • Ecamm Live allows you to demo precisely what’s happening on your iPhone screen. This gives you the ability to show your audience any apps or TikToks.

“The hardest part of making content is making the video portion of it.” – Caleb Dempsey

Ecamm Live Features

  • Every time you get a comment on Ecamm Live it gets saved .csv file. After your stream is over you have access to all the comments, the number of comments, and when the comment was sent. 
  • Your audience can send questions in the comments, giving you ideas of what content to film next.
  • The native interview feature is a pro feature that requires a higher subscription.
  • Ecamm Live also has the free option to bring guests in via Skype. The Skype logo will be included but you can crop the logo out through Ecamm. 
  • Ecamm’s interview feature provides you with a customizable link – with a title, metadata, the option to upload a logo, and a meta image. You can invite up to 4 guests.

“If you’re trying to build super fans, live video is the place to start.” – Caleb Dempsey

Content Repurposing

  • To content repurpose you can segment a reel from your live video and post it. You can even promote the original post by saying “here are the five things I talked about in my live video, go watch!”
  • You can create as many as ten reels from the original video. Each reel could have a tip about content repurposing.
  • When doing this make sure that the camera is framed well, so you can easily cut the video into a square shape.
  • Keyword optimizes the script from your video so you can make it into a blog. 
  • You can use Descript to create audiograms and embed them into your blog.
  • Share reels to Twitter to create more engagement, you can include a link to the original video.
  • If you have an established Facebook audience it may be helpful to post your video there. Utilize Facebook reels.

“If you start there then you have the 10,000 words of blog post, the 10 reels for your Instagram or TikTok, the tweets for the month and the year.” – Caleb Dempsey

What’s Next

You can connect with Caleb Dempsey by email [email protected].

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