Content Strategy Using Repurposed Content

Easily improve your content strategy using repurposed content.  It’s a great way to work smarter, not harder when mapping out your content plan. This podcast will describe how and why content should be repurposed as a special guest, Raki Wright, shares her secrets to improve your content strategy. 

Looking for ways to improve your content strategy? Today we will be talking about a great way to do that, known as repurposing content.

This strategy is an efficient way to be more productive in your business and will help improve your content strategy.

EPISODE 007: How to Repurpose Content within Your Website Content Strategy


Raki is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in communication studies. Her experience includes digital strategy, content marketing, social media marketing, email list building, analytics, and search engine optimization.  As co-owner of a women-owned advertising agency, she provides analytics reporting, digital marketing strategy, project management, and development of online marketing campaigns.  Raki also owns and manages two websites – (a blog for working moms) and (a site to help movie lovers streaming from all around the world find the best movies).



Repurposing Content is a great skill to use when trying to improve your website content strategy. It involves using the same content, for a different purpose. Essentially, you are taking that theme and repackaging it to reach different audiences on different platforms. This could be creating website content for a blog post and then creating a snippet of that to use on social media.

Repurposing content on different platforms is a smart way to reach a greater amount of people while presenting the information in various ways.

“People follow you in different places, people consume content differently. Some people like to read, some people like to listen, and some people like to watch.”


Repurposing content is a strategic tool that all influencers should use. It helps to improve your SEO and content strategy.

Algorithms decide who sees what’s content. If you have content out there that is getting shares, that will help with SEO, as Google will display it more. Posting the same website content in different ways throughout various platforms is how you can point people back to your original blog post.

Improving your content strategy involves getting the message out there in a creative way. For a blog post, create a podcast episode, or infographic, or photos to display the same content in a different way.


How you repurpose your website content depends on your niche. You want the material to be engaging for the specific audience being targeted.

For example, if you are a food blogger, after creating the blog post, you can repurpose the content by creating a step-by-step video of you making it on Instagram, or post a picture of the finished product on Pinterest. Ask yourself, “What does the audience want?”

You can repurpose just about every piece of content on your website. Create a system or template to plan how you can get the most out of your posts in order to improve your content strategy. Most of the time, you are repurposing content without even realizing it.

“What can you pull out from content that you have and see how you can reuse it. ”


“Work in batches!”

In order to work smarter in your business, it is important to utilize your time correctly. You can do this by getting the most out of your website content building sessions. Instead of just getting one blog post out of your content, get multiple by using the steps you did to get there as its own blog post.

It is not productive to start from scratch, use your time more wisely by creating various versions of the same information for blog posts.

If you need help with creating a good content strategy, connect with Raki down below to brainstorm ways to repurpose your content.


You can connect with RAKI on LINKEDIN.

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