Creating Better Food Photos

Are you a food blogger interested in incorporating photos into your recipes? Elena Szeliga will give you exclusive insights on how to create beautiful images for your food blog.

Elena Szeliga holding a camera discusses how to take better food photos

In this episode, Elena Szeliga will discuss the photography process, ways to improve your photography, and will give tips on styling food. Photography is a key element in creating a successful blog post.. Photos can give your audience a full insight and a better understanding of what you’re using and doing.

Episode 039: Creating Better Food Photos

About Elena Szeliga

Elena is a professional food photographer, stylist and the blogger at Happy Kitchen.Rocks, a food blog with delicious and healthy vegetarian and vegan recipes. Food photography is her passion and improving her skills have gotten her to gain over 23,000 Pinterest followers, and get amazing sponsored deals for her blog.

She created an online food photography and styling course, where she shares her knowledge and experience, from camera settings to advanced styling tricks, to help you take mouthwatering food photos.

Website: happykitchen.rock
Instagram: happykitchen.rock
Facebook: Elena Szeliga

Why photography is an important factor for food bloggers?

Since there is so much competition in the blogging industry, blogger’s content will have to stand out from the rest. Photography brings life to your blog and influences your audience to keep reading. For example, if you were to place a nice photo of your recipe on your blog you should expect higher traffic. Your photos must be nicely shot because the pictures can influence your audience’s decision.

Can you share your process for photographing your blog posts?  

Elena starts with the first lay of ingredients and using a tripod she takes all process shots from the same angle and changes angles depending on the picture. After that, she takes table headshots and switches to overhead shots.

Then she chooses her background and moves forward to hero shots with a few basic props. After, that she determines the mood to create with the dish and figures out what is the best quality about the recipe whether it be the vibrant colors, layers, and etc. After this comes lighting, test shots, editing, and compressing the images to make them load faster.

What are some easy ways you can improve your photography skills?

Before taking photos brainstorm ideas of how you want your product to look in the photo then use the camera as a tool to achieve that look. Before changing the settings on your camera for a beginner learn to shoot in manual mode.

After you’ve become accustomed to the manual mode switch the camera settings and start messing around with lighting and finding your style. Once you’re comfortable with photography and understand what you’re doing you’ll spend less time editing.

Can you share some of your best food styling tips and tricks with us? 

When taking photos ask yourself how can you incorporate different colors, light, and shapes into your project. For instance, in food blogging, you may want to snap a photo of you cutting an ingredient in a different way. Bloggers usually struggle with the right amount of props to use in the frame.

Use your ingredients for the props in your frame so the audience can see exactly what you’re using. Also, be aware that using pattern towels or colorful plates can distract the audience from the main dish.

What’s Next

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