Get Unstuck: How to Grow with the Help of Others

Wondering how you can make it as a blogger, but are skeptical as to how to do it on your own? In this week’s podcast, guest Marye Audet-White shares the importance of working with blog coaching services to make sure you’re on path to a successful blogging career.

When you first start something new, the idea that you are new to it is daunting on its own. Blogging feels no different, yet the good news is is that you’re never alone in the blogging world! There is always a large group of people/ other bloggers willing to help guide you to a successful career.

That is why Mayre Audet-White recommends bloggers using blog coaching services. There is a number of different coaches and groups out there who are fantastic resources to turn to when learning how to blog. They provide invaluable information to you as well as provide a network of other bloggers for you to turn to for help!


ABOUT Marye Audet-White

Marye Audet-White is a former stay at home, home-schooling mom of 8 that leveraged an unexpected life event into a writing career and a six figure income. She is the owner of Restless Chipotle Media, LLC, writes full time on her blog, Restless Chipotle, as well as coaching (private, group, and masterminds) for bloggers and influencers. Marye was a writer for Texas Living Magazine for 4 years, has published over 10 cookbooks, and been featured in numerous interviews, TV spots, websites, and grandchildren’s drawings. With 22 years of homeschooling experience she can teach anyone anything. It’s her passion to see women “twirling into their happily ever after.”


The Benefits Of Online Group Coaching

Mayre started blogging in 2005/06 as a food blogger. After starting her own blog, Mayre started taking in clients in order to generate an income. Doing so taught her all about useful blogging tips/tricks such as utilizing online group coaching.

In order to grow her blog, Mayre relies on three main principals: the first being consistency. It’s important to keep working on your blog even when you don’t want to. The next principal is networking. Its a great idea to reach out to other bloggers to share ideas and techniques with them. This way you always have a group of people to turn to for when your blog hits a barrier. The third principal is investing. Its important to learn how to invest time, money, and advice as a blogger. Also, whenever you have a free pocket of time, use it to work on your blog!

Online group coaching sessions, offer a lot to a new blogger, or even those who need some extra advice. These sessions help your blog grow faster because during them you learn about what mistakes to avoid, freeing up your time in the long run. Said sessions also allow you to talk to other bloggers and get feedback from them.

It’s always the perfect time for a blogger to take advantage of online sessions. For bloggers who have some funds to spend as well as those who are already somewhat established, but have hit a wall, joining a session can really help them improve their blog! Remember, you don’t have to be part of these sessions for as long as you blog (you should try to stick with them for at least three months) but they help more the longer you participate in them.

[Bloggers] really need to invest in time!

How To Find A Mastermind Group

Finding and joining a mastermind group is easy to do. To find them, start by asking other bloggers if they can recommend one to you. Or, ask any blogger that you admire if they can personally coach you or point you to someone who can. If given the choice, try to participate in a group rather than have one-on-one sessions with a coach. Groups offer so much more and can help you create even more connections with other bloggers!

In order to get the most out of a mastermind group, try to find one that you really click with. The group coach should share similar viewpoints with you and should give you the opportunity to interview them before you commit. Stay positive and don’t get overwhelmed by other members in the group. Success comes from everywhere- you just need to be willing to learn and listen to others (good) advice. Also, be honest with your group about your page analytics/ statistics. They’re trying to help you become a better blogger and being dishonest with them is never a good idea. Doing so creates mistrust and might prevent other bloggers from working with you in the future.

If/when you join a group, ask your group coach the following questions for a better group experience: “Do you have a blog/ are you currently working on it?” “What are your page views/ analytics?” “Can I contact previous clients to get their take on your sessions?” “What are your blogging viewpoints/ mindsets?” Asking these questions will help establish a better relationship with you, your coach, and the group.

“Transparency is key!”

Which is better: Group Coaching vs Individual Coaching?

When it comes to group coaching vs individual coaching (such as utilizing online courses), group coaching is best! Courses constantly need to be updated due to the ever-changing realm of social media. Group coaching, on the other hand, is run by an individual who is constantly up to date with the latest trends and web changes. Groups are also more time efficient and cost efficient, which is a great bonus! Groups also provide bloggers with a great resource of people to contact with any questions or anything else regarding your blog!

Mayre’s own mastermind group, which she coaches, looks at common struggles between all members and provides insight on the issue. Everyone gets a turn of being in the spotlight as all the members contribute some helpful advice to their blog. Groups expose you to so much more and really provide great insight.


You can connect with Mayre on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and at [email protected].

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