How to Create a Strategic Vision for your Business

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of tasks you have to accomplish in order to successfully maintain your online business? Learning how to implement Strategic Vision into your daily schedule will help you learn how to prioritize tasks so that you can focus on the bigger picture of your blog.

For many bloggers, knowing how to prioritize tasks is a task in itself. It can be very stressful trying to determine what most deserves your attention when you only have a certain amount of time dedicated to your blog. To help combat this, bloggers such as Sara Reimers use Strategic Vision to help narrow their focus so that they can get more done.

What is great about learning how to be more strategic is that you don’t have to do it alone! Part of the Strategic Vision process is allowing yourself to be open to the idea that a helping hand can open the door to more possibilities for your blog!


About Sara Reimers

Sara Reimers is the owner/blogger behind Sunshine Whispers and Kid Friendly Maryland. Sara is married, has an 8 year old daughter and a very energetic black lab puppy, and works full time outside the home in addition to running the blog. 


What is Strategic Vision?

Strategic Vision is the solution for when you feel as though you are completely overwhelmed with tasks or a ‘to-do’ list for your blog. Using this technique allows you to really prioritize what is necessary for you to accomplish as a blogger.

The key to Strategic Vision is outsourcing both time and money and to create a “threshold” in which tasks are assigned a level of importance. Hiring other bloggers or writers to do tasks that are below said threshold, while doing tasks that require more of your personal attention, will free up more of your time. This is really important when guiding your blog in a specific direction for you are then able to see the bigger picture without worrying about all of the little details.

How to be more Strategic with a Business

Sara herself came to use Strategic Vision after her first attempt at blogging didn’t lead to the website traffic and growth she was hoping for. When it came time for her to start her second blog, Sara knew she had to take a different approach. In Sara’s day job, she used Strategic Vision to manage her employees and her daily workload. The key to such was to not micromanage and allow for others to do their assigned work.

After implementing this technique into her blogging style, Sara allowed herself to hire others to help run her blog. She took a leap of faith and allowed them handle the less extensive tasks so that she could focus on the bigger meaning of her blog.

The same goes for anyone learning how to be more strategic. A blogger really has to grasp an understanding of what the “big goal” of their blog is. To do so a blogger could ask themselves: ‘What do I want to accomplish with my blog?’ or ‘what do I want from my audience?’ Answering these questions can reveal a blog’s purpose and help determine whether or not a task is worth one’s personal time or if it could be passed off to another.

Allowing others to help with a blog can also determine whether or not a trend on Social Media can be of benefit. Sara explains that she didn’t have time to jump on the Google Web Stories trend when it first appeared, but hired out a writer to take advantage of it so that her blog didn’t miss out. The key, as she explains, is to be realistic with your time and to take a leap of faith in your investments.

“Outsource strategically so that you can focus on making those decisions for propelling [your blog] forward.”

Creating a Strategic Vision

A useful device when learning how to be strategic is a Vision Board. Using a Vision Board helps you to focus on the tasks that you have to do every day. It is also a good way to stay organized so that you do not become impatient about results, otherwise you might give up.

A vision board also helps you to outline your priorities. It helps define what you need to pay attention to.

Another tip on learning Strategic Vision is to walk away! Sometimes putting aside a task will provide you with a clear mind and vision on what it truly is that you want accomplished.

Also, discuss your goals with others. When you share your ideas you are more likely to stay committed to to them. Investing in a blogging coach is a great asset as well. They can provide you with fresh angles and approaches in taking your blog in the right direction.

“A coach can help point you to a direction that you didn’t even know was there.”

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