How to Improve SEO with Old Content

Wondering how to improve SEO on your blog, but just can’t seem to come up with enough new content to do so? With helpful advice from Liz Marino, you can improve SEO without the need for constant, new ideas just by giving your old content a second chance to shine!

Many bloggers believe that in order to increase their blog’s SEO, they need to come up with content that is new, new, NEW. To them, once a piece of content is published, it quickly becomes obsolete and needs to be swept aside with even more new and trending content.

On the contrary, content of any age is just as relevant and useful as new content! As blogger and SEO expert Liz Marino shares, there is so much value in old content. Focusing on what you have already developed can help decrease the stress of having to constantly put out new ideas and allow you to increase your SEO with ease!


About Liz Marino

Liz is the blogger behind the site She creates simple, easy to follow, healthy recipes – most of which are paleo/Whole30. Elizabeth has grown her site from a hobby to a multi- 6 figure business, and in addition to running her blog – she coaches other bloggers to grow their sites into a business!


Liz Marino’s Strategy on How to Improve SEO

Like every blogger, Liz Marino understands just how important it is to improve and maintain a good SEO standing on your blog. Otherwise, your unique blog could get lost in the endless wave of content being produced every day. The question is, how to improve SEO with content that already exists? How can we use our previous designs and ideas to keep us on top of the SEO game?

Liz herself chooses to use old content in place of constantly having to come up with new ideas. Not only does she save herself a vast amount of mental energy, but using and updating her old content allows for her blog to become a resource for her followers.

As Liz explains, when you offer your followers something solid, you essentially become a trusted expert on the matter. Followers will begin to look towards you and your blog for information. Also, when you have better results with your follower base, you in turn rank better on Google, which means you’re then on your way to increasing your SEO!

How to Choose the Right, Old Content to Improve SEO

It goes without saying that to update every bit of content on your blog would be just as exhausting as coming up with new content every day. So, how should you go about choosing which content to update to improve SEO? A tip that Liz shares is to look into ‘Google Analytics’ to see exactly when any of your posts were trending in any given time period. If those posts are still trending currently, it would be a good idea to give them another look to see if they can be updated to remain relevant.

Another tip is to use ‘Google Search Console’ to see where you rank on Google’s pages. This is another great way of seeing how your posts resonate with your followers. It also allows you to see what it would take to get you on page One of Google- a goal all bloggers wish to achieve!

Also, bear in mind that you don’t need to change everything about your content to make it more relevant. Completely gutting your posts, especially the ones that aren’t getting much attention, can be beneficial, but it is often better to change one detail at a time. This way, you can watch closely what changes to your content brings. If it brings in more traffic or shares, then you know you made the right choice in updating your old content!

“When you’re updating your [trending] content, you should…baby step it and not overhaul everything at once; just do little bits at a time.”

How Updating Content can Improve SEO

In Liz’s case, updating old content has done wonders for her blog. She states that the traffic to her website has grown greatly. Even without a constant stream of new content, her blog is still growing in rank and SEO.

To keep an eye on her ranking, Liz likes to check up on it every 6 months. She states that checking it more often is just a waste of energy; ranks change every day! Stressing about them daily also takes up a lot of your time, which could otherwise be spent blogging.

After you update your old content, the key then is to treat it like it is brand new! Not every one of your followers has seen every one of your posts, so promoting it helps to make sure that they do! Followers also want to be reminded about why they visit your blog, so improve SEO and share with them the posts that they love and enjoy!


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