E38: How to Outrank Bigger Sites

Everyone who uses Google has searched for something they’ve wanted or needed answers to. If you’re starting a new website and would like to learn how to get your site ranked higher on Google then tune into this episode.

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In this episode, Aleka Shunk the CEO and founder of Bite Sized Kitchen will discuss why organic traffic is the best traffic, how to choose and use keywords properly to outrank bigger sites, and tools you can use to improve your SEO.

Episode 038: How to Outrank Bigger Sites

About Aleka Shunk

Aleka is the founder of Bite Sized Kitchen, a food blog dedicated to party food and entertaining. She is also a full-time teacher and mom of two. This year, Aleka launched a keyword research course to help other food bloggers increase their organic search traffic. She also offers one on one keyword coaching and assistance to other food bloggers.

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Why is organic search the best traffic source in your opinion?

Organic search is reliable, hands-off, and requires little maintenance when being compared to social media. Gaining traffic from social media requires you to post daily, schedule, and you may have to pay someone to help bring that traffic to your social media account or website.

If you’re traffic is good and coming from Google it will free up a bunch of time on your calendar. Social media traffic isn’t as consistent as Google and Google’s algorithm is dedicated to meeting its user’s needs.

What is the biggest mistake bloggers make when choosing keywords?

Bloggers usually don’t include LSIQ (latent semantic index que words) which are words relevant to your keyword. For example, if you’re blog is about lasagna Google would look for words like cheese, sauce, noodles and etc. This technique can boost traffic to your site.

Google is constantly being updated this means that you don’t have to use your keywords a lot to rank high or bring more traffic to your site. As long as your keyword is displayed in your title and subtitles Google will know what the topic is about and search for those LSIQ words.

Can smaller blogs really outrank large, recipe sites? How?

Yes there are small sites that have outranked larger sites and this is because bigger bloggers focus on domain authority and keyword scores that certain tools provide them. Type your keywords into Google and to see the best content that is out there.

You can outrank a bigger site by optimizing your your product or service. Most bloggers don’t answer questions that people are searching for as well. If you want more traffic update recipes and answers the questions your audience may have.

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