How to Use Sales Funnels to Grow Your Business

Are you looking for efficient ways to use email funnels to grow your business? Look no further in this episode, Kristen Miller will discuss how she was able to grow her business using email funnels and ways to help your businesses succeed.

Kristen Miller the CEO and founder of Practical Mommy and The Get It Together Girl System will discuss what to invest, what is the right product, package price, how to get customers to purchase your digital product through your website, and the best strategy to use when you’re starting up.

Episode 030: How to Use Email Funnels to Grow Your Business

About Kristen Miller

Kristen Miller is digital marketer, a business coach, a mom and a catalyst for change. Her vision is to help other women create wealth, happiness, and impact in their lives by scaling their digital courses and products by designing beautiful sales funnels focused on conversion marketing.

In 2014, she founded a popular parenting blog. Now she helps other female entrepreneurs expand their impact through sales funnels and digital products. She believes that everyone has a story to tell and deserves to have a platform to spread their message. When she’s not immersed in her client’s funnels, you can find her watching HGTV or touring a craft brewery with her family.

Instagram: @hellokristenmiller
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Investments You’ll Make Dealing with Funnels

Time investment is the first investment you will make when creating a product. The time frame from creating the digital product to launching it generally takes between 3-6 months.

The software needed to launch your product will be a sales funnel, landing page software, click funnels, and an email platform. All of these platforms together can cost about $150-$200 a month.

Your success will depend on how much effort you put into your product or business.

What Is The Right Product For Your Customers

Create a product that solves a specific problem that your customers or audience is having. Research the product that you have in mind and figure out what specific problems need to be solved.

Do not start off trying to sell the most expensive product because you may not have an audience to sell it to since your product is new to the market. You may not sell anything, but that’s okay because being an entrepreneur comes with taking risks.

If there is a nugget of info that would make a good quote, pull it out and bold it.

How To Price The Product Bundle

Start low, low ticket digital products bring more traffic through your website. You can also gain more traffic through ads and do not offer freebies. Freebies do not work as well as they did back in the day and consumer’s will pay more attention to a digital product they’ve purchased.

A package or a bundle should include your product that solves the consumers problem and bonuses to add more value to your product. Prices usually are under $50 with 3 bonus features at the end.

Ways To Get Your Audience To Purchase Through Your Website

In Kristen’s experience bringing customers to her site with ads helped her a lot. Advertising your product via social media will help as well always make sure that if you market through social media to have a link in the description.

Advice For A Good Strategy

Make a product that the customers want and look at the product from the customer’s perspective. Create a funnel and funnel looks like- a low ticket digital bundle, order bump around $15-$27, and up-sale additional product which would cost around $100 this is where you’re going to make money.

Promotional methods- Facebook ads are the most effective for sales funnels because of its consistency. Organic traffic comes in spurts but isn’t always consistent. You can also advertise through YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Send emails to your customers who haven’t finished their purchase. Offer the product again through email at a discount up-sale and bump. You can include extra bonuses and or add more to your product and remove bonuses.

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