Improving CTR – What it is and How to Improve it

 Want to learn how to be a smart influencer in your business? With the help of special guests, Kelli Miller and Crystal Lopez, this podcast will reveal a key component that should be prominent in your overall SEO plan, click-through rate (CTR).

Click-through rate is a great tactic to use in order to adapt and be two steps ahead in your business. In order to be successful, it is important to know the CTR meaning and how to utilize it correctly.

This podcast will give you the tips and tricks on click-through rate so that you can fix the problems invading your business.

EPISODE 005: Improving CTR – What it is and How to Improve it


What is the click-through rate you may ask? Click-through rate is the rate at which the people who see your website on Google actually click on it. You can view your CTR through your search consol data which, as Crystal states, is like a “phone call to Google.” You want the most clicks on your site, as that is the way to make money off your business.

The CTR meaning is an important factor in your data. Are people coming to your site, or are they just seeing it on the Google page? It does not serve you to be on page one of Google but have no click-through rate. You want people to actually click and view your page.

If you are not getting the data and the number of click-through rates needed, it may be time to change up your CTR formula.


In order to improve your CTR, it is important to look at your data and see where there are problems in your click-through rate formula. Two things to keep in mind to help improve your click-through rate are user intent and meta descriptions.

The first thing to do is make sure your meta description or title is filled out. Your meta is the first thing Google reads, so it needs to clearly explain what your website is really about. If you are not getting clicks, your meta description should be the first thing you fix to improve your CTR formula.

“Fill it out like you are talking to a kindergartener.” says Crystal.

Create a meta description that is click-worthy, depending on your niche. Your meta should display click-worthy words that describe your keywords. For example, a food blogger should be using words such as easy, shopping list, recipe, etc. in different variations in order to get on every search.

User intent is another great way to fix your click-through rate formula. Ask yourself, “What is the user actually looking for when they put those specific words into Google?” Are you delivering that in your post? You need to deliver what YOUR audience is looking for, not a random person, and your word choices need to reflect that.

These are ways to turn around your click-through rate.


The best way to profit off your business and have growth all goes back to looking at your data. If you follow your Google console and analytics data, you will find out how to build a business that has a good click-through rate. When working smarter, not harder, “It is all about following your data,” says Crystal. 

Another secret is to stop reinventing the wheel. “TEMPLATES, use them!” Kelli states that using templates and a system to organize your data will help you work more effectively and will also help to create a better CTR formula that will improve your click-through rate.  

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You show up excited and eager to learn and you walk away with nothing you can implement. Nothing to show for your time invested. You walk away thinking, “Did I put makeup on for this?” or “Well, at least I now know how great she is…”

When Kelli and Crystal began training bloggers nearly 10 years ago, they made the commitment that each time they spoke, the listeners would leave with actionable tasks. Their listeners/attendees would walk away knowing EXACTLY what to do next to move their businesses forward.

They are known for their Actionable Task Teaching Method and “Paper and Crayons” approach to teaching and they feel all instructors should live by the same… Could you imagine if your children went to school just to have their teachers talk about how amazing they are, but never actually teach anything?

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