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Corrine and Christina discuss quick SEO wins with Casey Markee

In this episode, Corinne and Christina sit down with Casey Markee to discuss quick SEO wins. Casey has over twenty years of SEO experience along with building his own company Media Wyse.

If you are in need of a viewsership boost, this podcast is for you! In today’s podcast, Casey spoke about understanding your users, what to include and not to include in the content of your posts, and how to avoid a traffic drop to help increase your viewership and google placement.

Episode 097: Quick SEO Wins

About Casey Markee

Speaker, writer, and trainer Casey Markee is the founder of digital consultancy Media Wyse and a well-known SEO professional with 20+ years of experience. Casey has trained SEO teams on five different continents, spoken at over 100+ conferences, and worked with thousands of bloggers in the Food, Lifestyle, and Travel niches.

He also collects comic books, enjoys watching trashy reality TV with his wife Tifany, and believes bacon should be its own food group.

Website: www.mediawyse.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mediawyse/?hl=en
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mediawyse/

Understanding User Behavior

  • Optimizing your site for Google optimizes your site for users.
  • Users are looking to be sold on your content. You need to have a solid hook to keep users engaged. For example, hook users in with easy-to-bake or quick-to-make recipes on a food blog.
  • Write useful content for users. Don’t write to try and match a word count.
  • The placement of content is key for user engagement. For example, place variations and substitutions for recipes above the step-by-step instructions on a food blog.
  • Be brief but thorough. For example, users don’t want to take the time to read and print three or four pages of a recipe card from a food blog.
  • For food bloggers, Casey recommends WP Recipe Maker as a template that is easily customizable.
  • Limit the number of decisions you are asking from your users.
  • Understand when pictures are needed. For example, users might want images in a how-to card but not in a recipe card.
  • Keep in mind, never slave yourself to your long-term audience when publishing content. Most of your traffic will be from first-time visitors.
  • Video is not a ranking benefit in content, but notes are beneficial.

“It is a balance of keeping raving fans happy while also attracting that new audience to your site as well.” -Christina

Content Do’s and Dont’s

  • Don’t make the top of the post too cluttered.
  • Never include a “jump to” button that leads to an advertisement.
  • Include the updated date information.
  • You can include a “jump menu” or a “table of contents” to make navigating the post easier for users looking for a quick experience.
  • You can include a byline and a small biography of the author.
  • Include teaser text above the fold, but try to not make it repeat in your content. Be useful and purposeful with wording.
  • Try not to needlessly touch your top three posts! And, if you have to do this, limit the modified date with a plugin.

“We never want to click on a jump button and have someone jump to an ad. That’s a very poor user experience…” -Casey Markee

Are Webstories Important From An SEO Perspective?

  • Webstories are very competitive.
  • Free webstories are great, but the RPM does not justify paying for webstories.
  • Webstories actually bring down your system-wide RPM.
  • Overlap in content can make it hard for Google to differentiate your posts.

“I would never tell someone to rely on webstories as a main channel.” -Casey Markee

How To Handle A Traffic Drop

  • Oftentimes, key words can drop from month to month. This is especially true around seasonal changes.
  • A great way to monitor this is to download a plug in like Keywords Everywhere.
  • Take a look at your past content that has been successful and continue to make it relevant for this year’s users.
  • Make sure the content is as complete and updated as it can be.
  • Try to add more links to existing content. Seasonality is very important for internal linking.
  • Never take a Pinterest first approach, always take a Google first approach for content optimization.

“So our goal is to make sure that we revisit the content when it is appropriate.” -Casey Markee

What’s Next

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You can connect with Casey Markee on www.mediawyse.com.

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