Smart Insights: Are you Afraid of Success?

Is a fear of success preventing you, as a blogger, from achieving all your hopes, goals, and dreams? In this week’s podcast, guest Tamara Mason discusses just how to keep fear and anxiety at bay so that you can develop the confidence to bring your blog to new heights.

Fear and anxiety is a prevalent concern in today’s world. When they prohibit you from achieving your goals, such as the ones you envision for your blog, it can be very off-putting. Fortunately, a fear of success can be replaced with the confidence to achieve all that you put your mind to.

As Tamara Mason shares, the best way to overcome your fear is to put yourself in the limelight. While this can be daunting, accomplishing such can actually open more doors for your blog!


About Tamara Mason

Tamara is the creator of the POWER method. She is passionate about helping overwhelmed anxious entrepreneurs gain the confidence they need to run profitable businesses and have time for what is important in life. She has be a solo entrepreneur for over 17 years and has over 30 years of experience empowering people to create their unique success path.


Overcoming a Fear of Success

Tamara herself knows much about fear an anxiety. Not only is she a blogger, who’s aim is to empower those lacking confidence, but she also runs her own practice as a psychotherapist. Her primary audience is single mothers and business owners who are seeking to overcome their fear of success.

Tamara’s own businesses have grown thanks to a few key mindsets that she strives to stick to. She states, one of the best things you could do to overcome your fear is to network! Networking leads to more paths to further develop your website as fell as your following. Tamara herself has made many network connections by going to conferences. Meeting new people provides her with friendships and new ideas to put towards her blog!

Another piece of advice Tamara shares to overcome a fear of success is to hire a coach or mentor. Doing this can offer you so much support as a blogger. Its also beneficial to have someone you can trust to provide you with the best insight for your blog. Your confidence in yourself and your blog will increase greatly!

“Making those connections and… being intentional about making them, is super important.”

How Influencers can Learn not to be Afraid of Success

For influencers, the ability to write, record, make, and then share content with the world is a must! Doing so is an important part of sharing who you are with the world as well as the messages you want others to hear.

Tamara herself has worked with a bunch of her own friends, who all lacked confidence. The most common issue Tamara found was that her friends were preventing their blogs from reaching their full potential. They could not reach the next step of their blogger careers and were kept from moving any further. Luckily, Tamara was there to lend a helping hand and teach her friends how not to be afraid of success.

Why do bloggers fear success? It’s not because they don’t want to successful but because they fear failing. As Tamara points out, not trying, even when you are afraid, means you’ve already failed. To get over this imposter syndrome, Tamara likes to remind bloggers that no blogger has it all! No one starts out as an expert and there is always so such more to learn. In reality, there is no such thing as failure. You either get the results you’re looking, or you get the lessons you need. Either way, you win!

“Just by doing and practicing… you can get some confidence in the process that might make you more confident in the task.”

How a Fear of Success Impacts Business

A fear of success limits you in all that you do and not just in the blogging world. As a blogger you have to ask yourself, ‘what results do I want for my blog?’ What can get you pushed in the right direction to begin practicing the steps that will make you more confident? These are truly important ideas to consider otherwise you might just find that your blog or business becomes stuck in place!

A trick that Tamara shares on how to get started is to get yourself an accountability partner. This person should be someone that holds you to your goals, and you should do the same for them. When you have someone reminding you of a task that needs to be accomplished, you’re more likely to commit to it. Any and all improvement you can learn yourself is just something more that you can implement back into your blog!

To grow your blog or business remember, networking is your friend, because it will lead to you finding friends to help you with your blog! More people can share ideas with you and provide you with greater insights that you may have never thought of. Also, just keep going! Even when something seems too challenging to overcome, do it anyways! You might find that it is easier to do than you think. Lastly, don’t be afraid of other people’s successes. Instead, let them inspire you and remind you that anyone can achieve their goals. All you have to do is begin!

“Sometimes the one working hardest against us is ourselves.”


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