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As a new blogger, do you ever wonder about the different obstacles and occurrences that you may encounter when you first start your blog? In this week’s podcast, guest Sophia DeSantis describes lessons that she herself has faced as a new blogger that will help you navigate the early stages of crafting a blog.

Taking that first step into the world of blogging can be quite a challenge for new influencers! Some may be wary of what can occur in terms of followers, connections, or even the general direction of their blog. It’s all so new and exciting and it definitely does not have to intimidate you!

Sophia herself has faced a number of scenarios that have allowed her to learn and branch out as an influencer. From these lessons, Sophia was able to take her blog from a part-time hobby to a full-blown business! The key is to know your worth and trust in others to help point you in the right direction.


ABOUT Sophia DeSantis

Sophia is a former first grade teacher and education specialist, who now uses her expertise from teaching and passion for wellness to help others feel empowered instead of overwhelmed through her client centered health coaching. With 3 kids running the show, she knows what it’s like to make a health change in the midst of chaos. Through her podcast, Real Food Real Conversations, she breaks barriers in the plant-based world and helps others realize that food does not have to be an all or nothing approach. From helping others create meal systems that are sustainable long term, to supporting them in forming goals in an attainable small step format, she makes health and wellness success achievable for all!


Sophia’s Backstory As An Influencer

As the founder of the the website “Veggies Don’t Bite,” Sophia seeks to teach others about the benefits of a healthy plant-based diet. With her background in teaching, Sophia’s need to help others is prominent in her desire to see them lead healthy lives.

Sophia herself sought out a healthy diet after struggling with infertility. It was after Sophia spoke with a holistic nutritionist that she changed her diet to a plant-based one, and within a short time, was able to start her family!

After seeing how big of an impact food could have on the body, Sophia decided to start her own blog to share healthy, plant-based meal options. Overtime, Sophia’s blog became a business and increased in revenue. As Sophia mentions, any change you would like to see has to come from your own values!

Lessons Sophia Has Used To Grow Her Business

At first, Sophia’s blog was just her side business. Over time, it grew into a full-time gig! When getting started, Sophia made connections to help her learn and understand the ways of running a blog. She made connections with other bloggers through Facebook and even went to the Natural Products Expo where she was exposed to different brands looking to sponsor influencers.

She also reached out to professionals such as the Nerd Press Team and Jenny Melrose who have shared their guidance and expertise with her. As a result, Sophia has created her own products as well as helped a number of her own clients. Like she says, once you get beyond any ‘mental switches’ you have in your head you will quickly realize that you can be successful as a blogger.

Another lesson Sophia points out deals with money. As she states, it is so important to invest money into your blog. Investing in a coach allows you to truly learn the fundamentals of running a blog. Likewise, investing in an audit of your blog lets you know your strengths and weaknesses. If you don’t invest, unfortunately your blog won’t grow.

“You have to spend money to make money. You have to invest in your business.”

Lessons For Influencers To Grow Their Own Business

One of the biggest ideas to remember as an influencer is that you can’t please everyone! Making connections is important, but so are your values. By being yourself you will soon see that you have a group of followers who are invested in the content you offer. It’s hard to incorporate every little thing into your blog so make sure you focus on what’s important to you.

A big lesson to note is professionalism in communication. Some followers with disagree with the things you say or do and that’s okay! Sometimes they can offer up some really nasty comments and a thick-skin comes in handy when they do. If you choose to respond, keep in mind to do so civilly. After all, you’re representing your business as well as yourself.

That being said, you don’t have to cater to their rudeness. You are providing your followers with a good or service and they can always look elsewhere for it. Respect goes both ways, even online, and you should never have to undermine yourself or your values. Try to remember that people might be mean for any number of reasons, (they might be having a bad day) so try to be kind and don’t let it cost you in the long run!

“It’s okay if you’re not right for everyone!”


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