The 5 Minute Task That has Huge Returns

Did you know there is a quick and easy 5 minute task you can do to drive more traffic to your website? In this episode, Susan Santoro shares her strategy that is generating huge returns.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Susan’s secret for driving more traffic to her site with minimal effort
  • How you can easily replicate what she’s doing
  • The easiest way to get started with Susan’s strategy

Episode 110: The 5 Minute Task that has Huge Returns

About Susan Santoro

Susan is a professional organizer and the founder of Organized 31, where she shares simple organizing ideas, crafts and recipes for busy people. She grew up as a military child, served in the Air Force and is now the spouse of an active duty military member.

Susan earned a BS in Economics from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Human Relations at the University of Oklahoma. Susan’s experience in military plans and moving into and organizing more than 25 homes led her to create Organized 31 to help busy families make the space and time for what’s really important to them.

She understands that busy people often have limited time and budgets, so many of her tips revolve around free and repurposed items. She has been featured in both print and online publications for her organizing, repurposing, craft and parenting tips and ideas: – Real Simple – First for Women – Good Housekeeping – Woman’s Day – Apartment Therapy – Redbook.


What’s Next

Check out Susan’s ebook. You can connect with Susan using the links above.

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