Smart Insights: The Power of Being Authentic

One of the best ways to resonate with your audience is to be authentic. Are you skeptical about how to do so in an industry where such doesn’t always seem possible? This article will demonstrate that to be authentic is not out of reach for influencers and can come with many benefits.

In today’s world, social media is often used as a front, where images and ideas are continually overemphasized into something beyond what they really are. This leads to a lack of authenticity from an influencer and prevents them from producing insightful content that offers followers connectivity.

This article delivers advice on how to be authentic so that influencers can promote their content while putting more of themselves into their work. With helpful commentary from Nicole Mickle, it is explained that followers seek out real, honest content that they can relate to. When this is provided, an influencer can establish a loyal fanbase that will enable them to grow their online presence.


About Nicole Mickle

Nicole helps people with their real estate transactions so they can get the most out of their investment and move to the next chapter in their lives in a home that they love. 

With 24 years in the real estate industry, Nicole understands the moving pieces and was able to survive and thrive after her local market crashed. 

Nicole uses Instagram to share her expertise and connect with clients that are looking to make the move to Orlando. Nicole has an eye for décor and design like no other and capitalized on this in order to attract her ideal client, which allowed her to sell 500k+ homes from Instagram. 

She continues to inspire her clients by helping them see how easy it is to turn a space into an upscale sanctuary of their choosing with her site


How Nicole Learned to be Authentic in Real Estate

Not-your-typical-influencer Nicole states that her entrance to the world of social media came from her desire to put some fun into her profession as a real estate agent in Orlando, Florida. The houses that she was tasked to sell were not the most sought after, so she turned to social media, namely Instagram, to try to uplift sales.

After being contacted by her very first social media client, Nicole noticed an opportunity to advertise to potential, like-minded people. Nicole wondered how she could further connect to clients and realized that her answer was to be authentic and to not use traditional influencer techniques to increase her following count. Instead she “niched-down” and took advantage of a market that other real estate agents didn’t want to partake in, placing her in a category of her own.

“What do you have that you can share with your readers that nobody else really has [and that] comes from your heart?”

How to be Authentic in Business

A way to be authentic as an influencer is to truly care about your followers. Nicole herself takes the initiative and uses social media to do some research about the surrounding area of a house for a client. Doing so helps said client make connections to the area and ensures that they will really love the house once they move in.

Sharing the content of different businesses, such as schools or shops, allows for influencers to receive more attention from followers in return. Nicole herself receives more tags through social media as she interacts with these businesses, for they help promote one another. As a result, she creates a network of people to reference for future use.

Being Authentic as an Influencer

As Nicole once explained to her hairdresser-turned-influencer, the key to success is being authentic. In order to gain things such as brand partnerships you must provide your followers with information. Put aside the need to be part of a hashtag trend and really deliver what you have to offer to the people who seek it.

Speaking to the masses is also something worth avoiding. As long as you focus on the followers you have, no matter the number, answer their questions and act as a guide for them, you will create content that is true and valuable to yourself and to others!

“It all [falls on] being authentic.”

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