Things You Can Outsource to Free Up Your Time

Ever feel like you are cramming as many responsibilities as you can into a 24 hour day? This podcast will teach you about time management- specifically tasks you can outsource to free up your time. This is a continuation of episode 2, where I spoke about how you can use interns to grow your business. If you did not listen, go check it out below! 

Many times when running a business, we pile our business responsibilities on top of our personal ones, causing lots of unneeded stress. It is important to remember to outsource tasks so that we can properly focus on projects that will help us reach our goals.

This podcast will reveal my 3 step process in order to determine the specific tasks you should be outsourcing to others. Use the tricks below to propel your business to the next level!

EPISODE 008: Things You Can Outsource to Free Up Your Time


The term, “business audit” may seem daunting, but it is actually a very simple process.

First, write down every task you do in order to run your business smoothly. This can be anything from content creation to ordering supplies. Once you have your list written, categorize them by type of task so that you can easily see who to hand the assignment over to.

Your business audit should include administrative work, accounting tasks, research, content/ social media, website management, design projects, and anything else that is important to help your business grow.


After creating your business audit, you will need to assess the tasks on your list. Are they $10, $100, or $1000 projects? See which tasks are most important vs. ones that can easily be done by someone else. Download a copy of my free Task Prioritization Matrix below to help you assess the tasks on your audit.

Another way to assess is to ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Do I dread the task?
  2. Am I procrastinating this task?
  3. Is the task outside of my wheelhouse?

If you answered yes to all three, it is time to outsource that task.

To make this easier for you, I created a free printable business auditing worksheet that includes these questions. Download it below!


Now it is offically time to outsource your tasks. The two ways to go about this are hiring on-site staff/ a virtual assistant, or using interns.

Interns are a great asset to use as they gain valuable experience from working for you and you get your tasks done. If you are interested in learning how to use interns, grab my free guide, How to Use Interns to Skyrocket Your Productivity, linked below.

Next, you need to go through your audit and decide who and what you are outsourcing. You can hand over tasks to a virtual assistant, interns, or both! Once you have decided what projects will be done by others, you should be left with the most important jobs that only you can do.

“When you make the decision to pass off work items, you are actually removing stress from your business. You’re freeing up your time and focus to tackle your top priorities. Those are going to bring you the biggest return on your investment of time.”

Lastly, optimize the jobs left on your list. Can technology make them easier? Can you use processes such as time blocking increase workflow? Find ways in which you are working smarter, not harder towards your goals. Outsourcing tasks is a great tool to use to be more productive in your business.


Make sure you grab your FREE download >> BUSINESS AUDITING WORKSHEET

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