Understanding Google Search Console

Google Webmaster Tools or Search Console is a tool that every online influencer should be utilizing when creating content. But, it can be intimidating if you don’t know what you’re doing. This podcast introduces Morgan Wieboldt to speak about the importance of Google Search Console and how to use it to make smart content decisions.

As someone new to starting their business, you may be wondering, “What is Google search console?” This podcast will provide you with all there is to know about the Google webmaster tool so that you can successfully utilize what it has to offer for your business.

This Google webmaster tool is the perfect way to learn how to create content more effectively in your business.

EPISODE 009: Understanding Google Search Console


Morgan is the owner of Systems to Skyrocket, where she helps bloggers and small businesses create content more effectively using keyword research and content planning.

After learning the process of creating a successful editorial calendar on the 3 sites she operates, Morgan has taught her clients how to do the same. She lives in NJ with her husband, 3 kids, and a goofy yellow lab.


Google search console, or Google webmaster tool, gives you everything you need to know about your site and where it stands on Google. Some examples of elements it provides are your click-through rate, your ranking on Google, and your SEO keyword research.

The data is coming straight from Google itself, which makes it more reliable and live than some other similar instruments. Bing webmaster tools and Yahoo are similar to Google search console, but these sites do not get as much traffic as Google. They also follow suit with Google, so if you rank on Google, you are most likely ranking on others as well.

Using this Google webmaster tool is relatively easy, as Google provides you with a step-by-step if need be. There is so much data available on this and more information will populate the more you use it!

“If you have a website, you should have this set up in order to make smart decisions about your wesbite and traffic.”


When first looking at Google search console, search for the red information on your site, as that is the most pressing error that Google is dinging you for. For example, for could fix your SEO in terms of context by going to your keywords and ranking them in number order. Any keyword 10.1 and up are just off the 1st page. Those keywords that are close to 10 are the ones you want to fix first. This is an easy and quick task as they are so close to being perfect.

“As you improve your content, Google will reward you.”


It is important to think about is the user experience. When you are creating content, as yourself, “Will this help the person who knows nothing about this?” As Morgan states, you are “writing for toddlers and drunk adults.” Remember when looking at the Google webmaster tools that you are writing to serve an audience, not Google. We can sometimes get lost in what Google wants when they are not our loyal fans. Write to HELP your user.

Interlinking is another great way to improve your SEO. Branch off of your good posts and build authority on your main topics. For example, if you had a blog post about making lasagna, you could create multiple posts off of that such as, how to create lasagna filling, or how to create the perfect sauce, etc. To figure out where there is potential to grow the post and create something new, make sure to do SEO keyword research. Search the word and see what comes up on the first page. Create something that is unique.

SEO keyword research is super important. This helps you learn what the audience is looking for. The people who clicked on your lasagna blog might also be interested in a stuffed shell post. Interlinking similar posts like these will help to increase the amount of time people are on your website, which looks good to google and they will reward you for that.

You want the audience to, “get lost in your site.”

If you want to learn more about the Google webmaster tools, Morgan has provided a free search console training. It is a mini crash course that gives you a rundown on the terms used and how to interpret them. The free link will be down below!


Aside from utilizing the Google webmaster tools, Morgan states that batching is a strategic trick for working smarter, not harder. You have the opportunity to do various posts within one topic, which saves a lot of time for more important things. Say you are doing a post for how to make a chipotle bowl, within that session, also create a post about how to make salsa, etc. because you are already doing it for the original post.

A great tip Morgan mentions is for taking photos for your blog. Say you created a pasta dish with sauce. No one will know if you used a jarred sauce for the photo. It will make this task go faster so that you can prioritize your time where it actually matters.


Make sure you sign up for Morgan’s FREE course >> GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE CRASH COURSE

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