Using Photography to Tell a Story

Photography is more than taking pictures of random things, it is an art and if you are looking for more engaging content check out this blog and learn how to make your culinary photos more approachable.

In this episode, Melodee Fiske the co-founder of prettyfocused will be defining a great photo, the basic gear needed for photography, What steps should bloggers take to prepare for a photo session, and tips for outsourcing photography.

Episode 032: Using Photography to Tell a Story

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Defining A Great Photo

In order to have a great photo, the lighting balance and focus of the image have to be prefect. Light balance and the focus of your camera can make your photo stand out. Styling your photo is a key contributor to how approachable your photos are.

For example, you want to make the main focus of the image to grab your audience’s attention. If you have too much going on it could shift your audience’s attention away from the main point of the photo. Lastly, make sure your photos are good quality because quality images are more approachable than poorer quality.

What is the basic gear that influencers should have to take great photos?

If you are looking to create professional photos then a DSLR or a mirrorless camera is the way to go. Next, you would need a lens that fits perfectly for what you are doing. Melodee uses a 50.2 and 102.8 lens when taking closer photos to show the texture and layers of the food.

You’ll also need lighting, reflectors to trap the light, and diffusers to get rid of harsh light. A recommendation to consider is buying an Expo disc that is calibrated on the color spectrum and will help your photo’s get better exposure. The Expo disc runs for about $50 and is highly recommended.

What steps should bloggers take to prepare for a photo session?

The first thing you would need to do is plan making notes, communicating with your client to clarify what they want, and printing out what ever you need. Planning ahead will save you a lot of time and a headache. Melodee mentions when taking a photo especially in the food industry, form the items in a triangle to show the audience what is happening in the photo.

Use the three F’s which are form, fill, and frame after using the three f’s then you are ready to start taking photos. Make sure your photo is illustrating what you are saying in your blog post. Your audience may be new to whatever service you are providing so posting photos helps them see where they are at in the process.

If a blogger wants to outsource photography, what things should they consider?

First, a blogger would have to determine what they are good at. The blogger may be great at editing photography but isn’t good at taking photos. Spending money is something no one wants to do but in order to make money, you have to spend money. If you’re not good at something you may have to let it go to achieve greatness.

Determining what you need is an important step before trying to launch your product. Use your strengths to help assist with what your weaknesses are. You can learn a lot while doing this and teach others at the same time.

What’s Next

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