E138: 5 Ways to Use AI for Blogging Productivity (that isn’t writing posts)

In this episode, Christina and Corinne are sitting down with Jen Wooster from Peel with Zeel and Sensational Sauce Recipes to discuss 5 ways to use AI to improve your blogging productivity.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • Clever ways to use ChatGPT in your business (some of these blew our minds!)
  • How to train ChatGPT to your voice
  • How to organize your chats
  • The best way to get ChatGPT to work best for you

About Jen Wooster

Jen is an adventurous individual based in Columbus, Ohio, who shares her home with her husband and their two rescue dogs, Fritz and Mr. Winkles. She is known for her homemade dog treats and actively fosters dogs.

Jen’s passion for travel and exploration led her to complete the entire Appalachian Trail Southbound in 2020 and embark on section hikes of the Pacific Crest Trail with the goal of completing the entire trail by 2025.

Jen holds a BSBA and MBA from The Ohio State University and has a diverse professional background as a retired operations executive. In 2017, she founded Peel with Zeal, a venture that showcases her entrepreneurial spirit. Additionally, Jen established Sensational Sauce Recipes, a website dedicated to sharing her collection of delightful sauce recipes.

Image of Jen Wooster with text that reads 5 Ways to use AI for blogging productivity (that isn't writing posts)

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