A Digital Product Strategy You’re Probably Not Using

In this episode, Christina and Corinne sit down with Colleen Beck and Margaret Rice whose brands have earned them millions of dollars in revenue since 2007! Colleen and Margaret invite us to listen and learn from their years of experience in creating digital content for their audiences.

photos of colleen beck and Margaret rice with text that reads a digital product strategy you're probably not using.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • A new approach to selling digital production
  • Turning your skills and knowledge into products easily
  • How to use collaboration instead of competition to grow your business

Episode 120: A Digital Product Strategy You’re Probably Not Using

About Guest

Colleen Beck, OTR/L has been an Occupational Therapist since 2000. As the creator and author of The OT Toolbox, LLC, she has written thousands of blog posts on occupational therapy, created thousands of accessible resources and tools for therapy professionals, and strives to advocate for the profession as well as those we serve (children, families, educators) on The OT Toolbox social media channels.

Margaret Rice, PT has been a Physical Therapist since 1994 and a digital content creator since 2007. She is the owner of several websites including Your Therapy Source, Inc. She too has written thousands of blogposts and created hundreds of resources to help students succeed in school.

They have combined their passion for digital content creation and their professional experience to help others start earning passive income today by selling what you know!

Learn more on Colleen and Margaret’s Website
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What’s Next

Want to make extra money online using what you know and love to do? Check out the Digital Product Creation for Professionals Toolkit!

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