You Don’t Have to Sell Out to Be Successful

If you struggle with selling to your audience, set aside your concerns because in today’s episode Cristina Curp shares her secrets for generating a substantial income without being salesy. In fact, following her strategy, you can actually serve your audience better while increasing your revenue at the same time!

In this episode we’re talking with Cristina Curp about how to be successful online without resorting to icky sales tactics.

Episode 58: You Don’t Have to Sell Out to Be Successful

About Cristina Curp

Cristina Curp is a former restaurant chef turned food blogger and NTP. Her personal health struggles led her to the autoimmune and ancestral health online space. She started her blog The Castaway Kitchen 7 years ago and in that time has also published 2 cookbooks, run a successful coaching practice, and more!

Instagram: @thecastawaykitchen
Facebook: @thecastawaykitchen

Show Up Everyday How You Are

One of the best ways to serve your audience is to build an authentic relationship with them by letting them into your daily life. Be consistent in showing up for them.

And allow them to see the real you, unfiltered and imperfect. They’ll be able to relate to you better and ultimately, will trust your advice and recommendations.

You don’t have to be everywhere every day. Choose the platform where you’re comfortable and connect there.

Hustle Mentality

You have to be willing to put in the effort to build your business. If you adopt a hustle mentality, you’ll find ways to overcome obstacles and be successful.

When you’re committed to doing what it takes to succeed, you find innovative solutions to the problems that arise.

“If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Know Your Audience

Don’t try to be popular. Instead, look for the people who are YOUR people.

You want high quality followers — those who love everything about you and look forward to engaging with you each day. Those are the people who will really trust you and support you.

10,000 devotees is better than 100,000 ordinary followers.”

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