Dealing With Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever doubt your abilities and skills despite your achievements? Does this doubt cause you to miss out on opportunities or keep you from achieving your goals? This podcast can help ease some of your self-doubts and motivate you to work through them!

In this episode, Christina and Corrine sat down with Jen Narciso of Investor Mama to discuss how to manage imposter syndrome. Investor Mama is a successful podcast created to help moms manage finances. Through her experience building Investor Mama, Jen dealt with imposter syndrome and is now using her platform to inform and help others deal with it as well.

If you have ever felt discouraged or unworthy, this episode can provide you with great tips to change your mindset and prevail.

Episode 101: Dealing With Imposter Syndrome

About Jen Narciso

Jen Narciso is the host and founder of the Investor Mama Podcast, which launched in 2018. Jen is an expert in getting money in order, starting a podcast, and dealing with imposter syndrome. Investor Mama is a podcast featuring “money conversations with a mom’s touch.” On the podcast, Jen interviews a variety of guests to help educate, inspire, and motivate her listeners through their own wealth-building journey.

Show topics range from the psychology behind money, investing in real estate, how to start a business, optimizing taxes, navigating the financial costs of being a caregiver, getting out of debt, educating your kids about money, and so much more! All of the content in the podcast is geared toward moms.


How to Get Past Setbacks with Imposter Syndrome

  • The way Jen motivated herself to start Investor Mama was by getting educated and surrounding herself with a support system to reach out to.
  • Another great way to motivate yourself to move past imposter syndrome is by finding an accountability partner. Whether they are an official business partner or just a supportive friend, they can help push you toward your goal.
  • Be willing to pay to get advice! Jen paid for a podcast class before starting Investor Mama, which motivated her to ask questions and pursue her end goal.
  • This course even led Jen to find the value she could bring to the company. She reached out and offered her project management services.
  • Offering to help someone for free often results in amazing benefits.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help!
  • Christina explains that, in her experience, when people say no it is often due to a timing issue and not something to take personally.
  • When people say no, look at it as a positive! They could just be setting a boundary for themselves. You can still ask if they know someone else you can connect with.
  • The worst thing that can happen when you ask for help is they can say no or ignore you.

“Fake it until you make it.” -Christina

Tips for Introverts

  • Use positive self-talk.
  • Christina pointed out that worrying about the reaction of someone else is all in your head and not something they are actually doing. We know it can be hard, but try not to overthink things like this!
  • Remind yourself of your past successes.
  • Remember that dwelling on one bad experience is counterproductive. Go out and try to secure another win instead of regretting the past.
  • Acknowledge your mistakes, but then move forward from them. Realize that everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and it is okay to make them.
  • Be someone you are proud of! Think to yourself, would you want your loved one to think of themselves the way you think of yourself? If not, change your thoughts and behavior.
  • Surround yourself with people in a similar situation as you.
  • Utilize masterminds to help hold yourself accountable.
  • Try to get a positive lesson out of negative situations.

“Learning how to talk to yourself to encourage a more positive outlook is one of the best things you can do.” -Christina

Tips to Consider Before Making an Ask

  • Personalizing a message when you are requesting something from someone can sway them to say yes!
  • Do some research before you make an ask so you sound knowledgeable and excited to work with the person you are reaching out to.
  • When you make an ask, make sure it is an ask you would say yes to if someone sent it to you.
  • Christina mentioned an ask she received that motivated her because it listed the benefits for both parties. Make sure your ask mentions how it will help you and them simultaneously.
  • Be genuine. If you make an offer with no strings attached, don’t be disappointed if they don’t offer anything in return.

“Be interested in what they need and then follow through with what you say you are going to do.” -Jen

What’s Next

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