Reclaim Hours in Your Week with 1% Changes

In this episode, guest Leah Remillet discusses the best ways to organize your home and work life. Balance is essential, and we discuss with Leah how to “Balance Busy” in all aspects, making the most out of your time!

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to manage the overwhelm
  • Stacking your “needle movers”
  • How to ease the frantic feeling
  • The truth about multi-tasking
  • The importance of recess
  • How to build your systems

About Leah Remillet

Leah Remillet is the host of The Balancing Busy Podcast, an international speaker, and the Anti-Hustle Business Coach. Leah helps women do less but better. Simply put, if you’re a woman with a mission, but you worry that scaling your business means failing at home, then Leah can show you how to spread your message, make an incredible income and do it all in less time!

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