The Secret to Easily Creating More Content

Have you wondered how influencers are able to constantly put out new content? In this episode, Gina Lincicum and Michele Brosius share how to easily create more content.

In this episode, We’re talking with Gina and Michele about the secret to easily creating more content. If you’re trying to create new content or enhance existing content, using PLR will help you save time and create quality content.

Episode 048: The Secret to Easily Creating More Content

About Michele Brosius and Gina Lincicum

Michele Brosius is one-half of the partnership that makes up the Connect and Learn Blogging Community. Her business partner, Gina share 24+ years of experience in the blog space where they have grown their businesses into a full-time income. The mission of Connect and Learn is to provide an online and in-person space where women connect with like-minded peers and explore the best business practices for growth and success. They want to teach everyone to earn money doing the things that make them happy.

Facebook: @connectlearnbloggingcommunity

What is PLR?

Content can be purchased and used for your website, but there is often a limit of how many times the content can be duplicated. PLR content typically allows an unlimited number of people that can use it.

PLR stands for “private label rights.” You can purchase PLR to use in a variety of ways but you cannot sell it as PLR.

“Everybody who buys a white t-shirt is buying the same thing… but, you make it your own style.”

How do you incorporate PLR into your business?

PLR can include recipes, crafts, ebooks, courses, posts, images, printables, workbooks, templates, and more. This content can be used to update your existing content, add value to content, or entirely create new content with it.

You could purchase content to add to a guide, recipe book, blog post, video script, and more. PLR can be used on its own but it is best to personalize it for your business.

How do you customize PLR to make it your own?

First, you should add your own headings to the PLR. You should also change and personalize the title. You can add content, rearrange it, and add affiliate links.

You should add your own keywords to the post, add an intro and a call-to-action. The photos and content can be changed and moved around to personalize it for your business.

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