E172: Thinking Beyond Pinterest and Google to Grow Your Food Blog

In this episode, we’re joined by Ann and Maddy Baum, where we uncover the innovative platform Spillt, discussing how creators can leverage its unique features like the “Text Me the Recipe” function, and what sets it apart in the industry.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is Spillt and how creators can utilize the product
  • What sets Spillt apart in the industry
  • The features that Spillt offers creators and consumers
  • Using the “Text Me the Recipe” function

About Ann & Maddy Baum

Ann and Maddy Baum, co-founders of Spillt, a recipe-saving app tailored for home cooks and food bloggers. Ann, a former Instagram engineer pivotal in Direct Messages’ development with an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Maddy, with a background in Tech Sales and Marketing, were inspired to create Spillt during COVID while exchanging recipes with friends back home. They currently reside in Brooklyn, NY.

Image of Ann and Maddy Baum with text that reads thinking beyond pinterest and google to grow your food blog.

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What’s Next?

Check out Ann & Maddy’s website where you can download Spillt!

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