10 Creative Ways to use Airtable

Are you interested in learning more ways to use Airtable? In this episode, we are sharing 10 creative ways to use Airtable and be more productive.

In this episode, we share ten creative ways to use Airtable. These creative ways can help you to organize your business and personal life to get more done.

Episode 052: 10 Creative Ways to Use Airtable

Create a template for your subscriber library

Once you have created a template for your subscriber library, you can update it at any time. You can add things for your subscribers such as free printables. When your subscribers access Airtable, if they do not already have an account, you will be given free credits. These credits can be used to upgrade your plan to a paid plan for free.

If you have other products or things that you promote, you can add them into the base so your subscribers can access them all at once.

Create a base for recipes

You can create a base for your recipes. When your subscribers access Airtable, they can see your recipes all in one place.

When you offer this to your subscribers for free, it will increase traffic to your website and help you to accumulate credits for Airtable.

Customer satisfaction surveys

You can create a form to be filled out by your customers to be added into a database. In the database you can search, filter, and sort the information.

Creating automations

Set up an automation in your to-do lists so that when you complete something, you can check off a box and it will be removed from your list and automatically added back at the rate that you choose such as monthly.

You can also use automation to move information from one team member to another.

Party planning

Airtable can be used for planning guest lists, menu, decorations, budget, and more. You can pull up your list on your phone when you are at the store because Airtable can be accessed on multiple devices.

Additionally, you can use Airtable to set up a form as an invite to track the guests.

Manage medical information

You can track your medical history as well as your family’s. You can store images of your vision, dental, and other cards in your base as well as phone numbers for doctor’s offices.

Pin Cycle

Creating a pin cycle on Airtable allows you to manage your pins on your own without them being automated. Using formulas, you can move the pins to be posted at different times. The pin cycle will tell you what to pin, when, and what board to pin it to.

Link search console data to Airtable

You will need a paid plan in order to use Airtable in this way. Linking Search Console to Airtable will allow you to see how your posts are performing. You can use this information to improve traffic to certain posts and sort your data easily.

Team management

When using Airtable to manage your teams, you can create forms, time sheets, assign work, SOPs, and training.

Set up a note-taking system

Set up a notebook in Airtable in a Kanban view. You can set them up for different topics and search them for specific information. Using Airtable for notes as well as for other features allows you to keep all your work in one place.

ROI Analyzer

The ROI analyzer is available in The Smart Influencer System. Put in the information about what you spend on a certain service and how much traffic you receive with it and the ROI analyzer will tell you if you are making your money back.

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