An Easier Way To Sell To Your Audience Without All Of The Hassle

If you’ve been thinking about selling digital products to your followers, MiloTreeCart can ease your struggle in starting an online business. MiloTreeCart was created to empower female creators to sell digital products directly to their followers. MiloTreeCart was founded on the philosophy of ease and reducing the number of choices for users.

Jillian Leslie discuss Easier Way To Sell To Your Audience Without All Of The Hassle

Jillian Leslie has built companies with her husband since 2009. Jillian has a podcast called The Blogger Genius Podcast, where she interviews successful bloggers, content creators, and industry leaders. Jillian and her husband have also created the CatchMyParty website, which is the largest party idea website with user generated content. Jillian’s husband built the app, MiloTree, which is a popup app that bloggers can use to grow their social media followers on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, and even in your email list.

MiloTreeCart focuses on reducing the number of choices for users so users can solely focus on creating products and selling them. If you’ve been too intimidated to start selling digital products, MiloTreeCart is the way to start. With MiloTreeCart, you can dabble with the digital product business because the platform is free until you start to make money off their platform.

Episode 091: An Easier Way To Sell To Your Audience Without All Of The Hassle

About Jillian Leslie

Jillian started her first company with her husband, Catch My Party, in 2009. Since then, they’ve launched other online businesses MiloTree and MiloTreeCart, and Jillian launched her podcast, The Blogger Genius Podcast, 4 years ago. Jillian lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and daughter. She has a BA and MBA from Stanford.

Website: MiloTree
Instagram: @milotree


  • Jillian Leslie and her husband just launched a payment platform for predominantly female creators called MiloTreeCart. This platform’s purpose is to empower creators to sell digital products directly to their followers.
  • Influencers don’t want to spend a lot of money on a platform to do digital sales until they know that they will sell a lot of products and make money.
  • MiloTreeCart’s philosophy is to make it easy and reduce the number of choices for users so that they can focus on creating products and selling them.
  • MiloTreeCart is free, but when you start making sales, the platform will take five percent from your sale.
  • Jillian says it’s about putting stuff in front of your audience and seeing what their needs are because you might be wrong.
  • MiloTreeCart allows you to dabble, it’s less intimidating to start selling digital products with this platform.
  • A lot of people want to start selling courses but what they don’t realize is that making a course is 1) really hard 2) really time consuming 3) most of the time people don’t take the course.
  • Don’t compare where you are to somebody else’s endpoint. Corinne says to baby step up there, figure out what your audience is asking for, before you invest all of this time into something they may not want.

“Clarity over cleverness. Does this make sense to the person I’m trying to attract.” – Jillian Leslie

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Tips For Selling Directly To Your Audience

  • Jillian recommends starting off with a paid workshop.
  • You can teach a one hour workshop live on Zoom. Teach three 45 minute live sessions, leaving 15 minutes for a Q&A to interact with your audience.
  • During your Q&A you can ask your audience what they want or what they would be interested in. Build with your community.
  • When it came to decision making Jillian and her husband decided to create a sales page tablet. They considered adding more functionality to it, debating what tabs they are going to make.
  • Should they allow people to add a photo of themselves? Ultimately, they decided yes. However, they decided to not allow users to customize their profiles with hex codes because it brought up various issues, so instead they decided to offer a larger variety of colors. Jillian and her husband didn’t want to overwhelm users.
  • Christina and Corinne’s motto is done is better than perfect.
  • You should ask yourself if you’re providing value that someone would understand?
  • Jillian suggests using a private Facebook group or an Instagram account to start a membership.
  • The value of taking out barriers, making it easier for customers to sign up for your platform.
  • Jillian suggests to lean into selling.

“It’s the content and the information that matters, the audience will forgive spotty audio or a misspelled email.” – Jillian Leslie

Your Content Library

  • MiloTreeCart integrates with all major email service providers so you can have your customers’ email addresses. If a customer buys your product, their email address will be tagged and sent directly to your inbox.
  • Put down a 14 day launch calendar on MiloTreeCart, Jillian says it will help you sell.
  • Corinne suggests writing a sales pitch for a product you love and then you can use that as a template for a sales pitch for your own product.
  • If you don’t have a workshop you can still use the MiloTree platform to sell an ebook or a pack of printables.
  • Right now Jillian and her husband are building out the ability to upload something to MiloTreeCart that can then be sold and downloaded.
  • However, the work around right now is that you can put your printable in a Google Doc with a link, and then in your email service provider, have a trigger so that when somebody buys your ebook, your automation will say “thanks so much for your purchase, here’s a link to download your printable.”
  • For a low stress membership Jillian suggests not creating a lot of content in your content library, show up twice a month for an hour on Zoom. One time you can teach something, the other time can be a Q&A. She also suggests having a private Facebook group where people can talk to each other, where they can ask you questions, and ask each other questions. You can include all your videos in your private Facebook group.

“People aren’t coming to your membership for your content library, they’re coming for you and your community.” – Jillian Leslie

What’s Next

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