How Any Business Can Use Printables to Grow

In a world where the internet rules and everything has gone digital, it may seem that printables are a thing of the past. However, Cait Blakley discusses how printables can help any business grow in traffic and profit.

Cait Blakley discusses how to use printables

Cait Blakley discusses how printables has helped many businesses grow in traffic and profit. She also discusses what strategies you can employ to grow your email list, how to add value to your printables and how to price your digital products.

Episode 068: How Any Business Can Use Printables to Grow

About Cait Blakley

Cait Blakley is a designer, mom and host of printables and more club, a monthly membership for bloggers and shop owners who want to create a passive income stream without spending hundreds of hours on design.

Instagram: @printablesandmoreclub
Facebook: @Cait Blakley Creative Co.

Strategizing Your Use of Printables

When it comes to printables, you can use them in various ways to drive traffic to your site or increase profits. You can use printables to grow and engage your Facebook group. You can also use them on Instagram by sharing the printables link in your bio or in your stories. The biggest driver of traffic is through email. Don’t give your printable file away for free without collecting an email address. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to reconnect. Through the emails you can direct your audience to your website or upsell other printables. If you send them via email, you form a habit for your audience to open your emails every time.

What to Create

The most difficult part of creating digital products is determining what to create. You want your printable to be related to what’s on your website. You might ask yourself, “is my free product too much?” However, the first impressions really matter. You want to create printables that attract your audience’s attention and and make them want to purchase more. You can add more value to your printables when you give the editable feature and if you make it special occasion-specific. Many people pay for the convenience and to save time; their time is more valuable than a couple dollars.

Pricing Your Printables

When it comes to pricing your digital products, it can be a tricky situation. You want to be able to gain profit while maintaining affordable prices for your audience. Before you decide on a price, research to see what similar products are out there. Once you find the cheapest and the most expensive product, try to price your printable in the middle, unless your product has a high value feature. Price higher at first because that sets a precedent that it is a quality high value product. However, if you have to drop the price down, put it as a discount because it will still perceive a high value and will create a sense of urgency to buy before the price increases again.

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