Balance Your Business To Accelerate Your Growth

If you’re wanting to learn how to incorporate balance into your work and personal life, this is the perfect podcast for you. With work constantly being at the touch of our fingertips, balance is crucial for preventing burn out. This episode will detail specific tips on how to implement balance to benefit your life.

Balance your Business to accelerate your growth with Megan Porta

In this episode, Christina and Corinne sit down to talk with Megan Porta of Eat Blog Talk to discuss balancing both your work and personal life. Megan Porta has been a food blogger for almost ten years. While food blogging, Megan saw a need for community in this industry. Food bloggers are often working alone and missing that piece of connection in their work environment. This led her to create her podcast, Eat Blog Talk, which provides bloggers with value and a community.

Megan shares with us that she experienced constant burn out and how implementing balance has greatly benefited her in all aspects of life. Megan highlights the importance of mindset and how it plays into our businesses today. Since incorporating balance into her daily life Megan sleeps better, makes more money, has more friendships, and has more peer friendships.

Episode 092: Balance Your Business To Accelerate Your Growth

About Megan Porta

Megan Porta is the founder of the podcast and community Eat Blog Talk, the #1 resource for food bloggers who desire clarity and focus to achieve rapid transformation and personal freedom. Over the span of 300+ episodes, Megan consistently provides valuable insight and tools to guide listeners along their unique paths to success. Her popular Eat Blog Talk mastermind is the go-to place for entrepreneurs who want to break through their limiting beliefs and achieve amazing results within a supportive group. In every area of her life and business, Megan loves bringing people together to form lasting connections and friendships.

Website: Eat Blog Talk
Instagram: @eatblogtalk
Facebook: Eat Blog Talk

The Importance Of Finding Balance To Make Money & Find Greater Happiness

  • When Megan started food blogging, she poured all of her heart and soul into it. Eventually, there came a time when she realized she was spending time away from her family and not sleeping because of work.
  • A few years into her business, Megan was working nights and it took its toll on her. When Covid began she realized she was exhausted and began to set boundaries with her work.
  • The boundaries included: closing her laptop and putting her phone in another room at five o’clock every night. She decided that she would try this experiment for three months. From that point on Megan started focusing on balance.
  • Corinne shared that she has a hard time with balance, when she works she goes in with full force.
  • Corinne made a similar rule when it came to working when her daughter is home. Corinne puts away her computer when her daughter is home so that her daughter doesn’t see her working.
  • Megan only checks her email when she’s on the computer and set a limit to checking it twice a day. She also gives herself only fifteen minutes on Instagram.
  • You can go into preferences and put in the specific time you want to spend on any app and a notification will pop up on your screen when your time is up.
  • To do this on an iPhone go to “screen time” under settings, click app limits, click set time, and click limit time. Plus, you can set your phone to turn off and turn back on at a certain time.

“Tweak one thing every time you get to a place where you feel unbalanced. Don’t beat yourself up because it only makes things worse.” – Megan Porta

Tips To Live A Balanced Lifestyle

  • If you’re receiving a bunch of emails that you don’t want in your inbox, but aren’t ready to unsubscribe to, you can go to You just enter the emails that you don’t want to show up in your inbox. It will then give you a daily digest of what you missed, that way you don’t have to fully unsubscribe.
  • Experiment removing an app from your phone for a week. Maybe by the end of the week, you’ll realize that you don’t need the app, or that being off of it has opened up time for you to do something else.
  • Megan makes sure to put things on her calendar that will make her feel good.
  • Christina schedules self care into her calendar for her massage. If it’s written in her calendar it’s set in stone.
  • Megan keeps her laptop downstairs and puts her phone in a different room occasionally.
  • Be protective of your time and your needs.
  • Megan says that she does still have moments when she goes back to her old lifestyle, where she gets anxiety and headaches. When she notices these symptoms she takes a step back from her work.
  • Living in the present moment is the key to finding balance.

“By checking your emails right away, you are putting other peoples’ needs before your own. You’re making their issue a priority over your own by addressing them immediately.” – Christina

Conferences & Masterminds

  • If you’re a people pleaser, you can create new habits even though people pleasing is a part of your personality. Do an experiment and start setting boundaries.
  • Christina suggests finding an accountability partner for your experiment so that you have someone that you can talk to.
  • When Megan gets really overwhelmed and notices that she has way too much on her plate she’ll clear everything on her schedule for a week.
  • When this happens Megan will only do whatever she absolutely needs to do. This has been really beneficial for her and says that going back to the bare minimum allows you to reset yourself.
  • If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re constantly trying to keep the same system going and the same process, you’re hindering yourself.
  • In entrepreneurship, it can be hard to give up control but Megan says that once you do, you’ll see magic.
  • Megan’s mastermind program focuses on community. Masterminds are virtual but members do meet up in person on occasion. In these virtual calls, members get to know each other very well.
  • A mastermind group allows you to have so much more data to see if an experiment is working.
  • Mastermind groups pull in a community of people all doing different things.
  • Corinne suggests going to conferences that are not in your niche. This group of people may be using a social media platform differently and their idea can benefit you.
  • Megan has a podcast, “Eat, Blog, Talk” where they talk about SEO, Pinterest, mindset, and anything that will grow your business. She also interviews amazing experts on her podcast.
  • Megan has one mastermind group going strong and just opened up another group. This group will be open for one more week, after that they won’t be letting people in until 2023.
  • Transformations that are happening within the group are amazing. Mastermind groups are an accelerated way to grow your business. They do weekly calls and bring in a guest expert once a month.
  • They are twelve month mastermind groups and at the end of the year you can re-sign up.

“It’s a process, it’s not an end point.” – Megan Porta

What’s Next

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