How Amanda Crushes Her To Do List

When it comes to productivity, you can become overwhelmed with how many tasks you need to complete in a short span of time. Amanda Scarlati shares what strategies have helped her stay organized, work efficiently and create better quality content.  

Amanda shares how she crushes her to do list

If you have been trying to dabble into batch working but are unsure where to start, Amanda Scarlati shares what strategies have helped her business. Batch working and scheduling your tasks will help you stay organized and focus on creating quality work. However, she also discusses how to set limits for yourself to enhance your productivity.

Episode 074: How Amanda Crushes Her To Do List

About Amanda Scarlati

Amanda is the chef, writer and photographer behind Saporito Kitchen. She provides tasty, seasonal homemade recipes that are designed to inspire others in the kitchen. Amanda shares her passion for food that she’s had since she was a kid. With over 15 years in the food business, Amanda now strives to help others develop that same passion.

Website: Scarlati Family Kitchen
Instagram: @ScarlatiFamilyKitchen
Facebook: Scarlati Family Kitchen

How Batch Working Can Help

Batch working helps you be efficient, do better quality work and helps improve your time management. When you batch work, it helps keep you focused on one aspect of your content creation. It will help you write and take photos better because it gets you in your creative space. Amanda suggests to group your tasks by how they make sense and fit together. Schedule your week based on what you want to focus on each day. For instance, Wednesday can be focused on shooting and Thursday for editing.

How to Keep Yourself Organized

To keep yourself organized, set goals for the week to keep yourself on track. Amanda suggests using Airtable and Google Calendar’s task list to organize your content and set recurring tasks. Additionally, organize your tasks based on how long they take you. This will help you manage your time better and help you do tasks whenever you have free time in between your personal time. Create checklists for production and blog post templates to help reduce the number of adjustments needed and maintain consistency.

Setting Limits on Yourself

When it comes to working for our business, we can become focused on creating as much content as possible. However, it is okay to back off for a little bit. If you overwork yourself, it can damage the quality of work you give to your audience. Instead of overloading your workflow, focus on creating a consistent weekly schedule. Do the tasks you don’t like at the beginning of the week to get them out of the way and make sure to take breaks in between your work day.

What’s Next

You can connect with Amanda Scarlati on instagram @SaporitoKitchen or through her website Saporito Kitchen.

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