Clever Ways to Repurpose Video Content

Have you wondered how to reuse content to get the most from your work? In this week’s episode, Brita Britnell shares her clever ways to repurpose existing video content.

In this episode, I’m talking with Brita Britnell of Food With Feeling about how to repurpose video content. If you want to get the most out of your video content, repurposing your content will help you achieve that.

Episode 043: Clever Ways to Repurpose Video Content

About Brita Britnell

Brita is a food blogger, videographer, and content creator. She creates weekly videos for her own food blog, Food with Feeling, as well as some top bloggers in the industry including Ambitious Kitchen, Fit Foodie Finds, Skinnytaste and others. She has years of experience creating tasty style and lifestyle videos.

Website: Food with Feeling
Instagram: @foodwithfeeling

How do you transition from blogging to video production?

Outsourcing work can be helpful when you begin. It can seem intimidating to do all the parts of video production by yourself, so simply hiring an editor can take part of the stress away. Outsourcing work can help you grow your business and keep work from piling up.

When you are starting out, it can be helpful to focus on one task. You can build upon the other skills and tasks throughout time, but to ensure you perfect a task, you need to focus on one thing.

How do you repurpose video content?

One way to repurpose content is to find a central theme. If you already have multiple videos about muffin recipes, you can combine the videos. This content provides the viewers with more options in a short time frame.

Another option is to create “web stories.” Web stories are created on Google Web Stories, these stories are similar to those seen on Instagram. These can be made by breaking your videos into smaller pieces in an order that makes sense for the content. Additionally, you can add text to make the content easier to consume.

What should be considered prior to filming for content to be repurposed?

When filming your videos, consider the camera’s orientation. If you want to create both web content and social media content, you will want to film both horizontally and vertically to fit various platforms.

Create a list of shots you intend to film before you start; this may include the steps in the process, visually appealing shots, or anything else you want included in the video. It’s a good idea to keep backup SD cards and batteries for your camera(s).

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