How to Quickly and Easily Get More Search Traffic

Are you interested in learning more about SEO and how it will improve search engine traffic to your website? In this episode, William Green will explain how to easily use SEO tools to get more traffic.

In this episode, I am talking with William Green about how to quickly and easily get more search traffic. If you want to get more traffic to your website, implementing these SEO strategies will help you to do so.

Episode 046: How to Quickly and Easily Get More Search Traffic

About William Green

Will started creating websites around 10 years ago. He studied for a Masters in Automotive Engineering with Motorsport and worked for the likes of McLaren. However, Will now pursues his business venture with websites and has learned everything from scratch as to how to run successful websites, manage teams, SEO, business and much more.

Website: PoemAnalysis
Instagram: @poemanalysis
Facebook: @poemanalysis

Whats the best way to use the AdThrive and Topic SEO tool?

AdThrive and Topic teamed up to create an AI-based SEO tool. Using 5-10 articles, use the tool the way Topic suggests. Analyze the changes over time to determine if your strategies are working.

You have the ability to give your team members access to this tool. Your team members will only see the topic portion of this tool.

What are some best practice tips to make the most of SEO tools?

Determine which content could do better, you may want to start with rankings 8-12. If you want to make the biggest improvement to your traffic, filter it from top search volume.

Put your title and description into the tool and change your title and description according to the suggestions. The program will tell you the word count and content that are ranking well.

Why might you lose your ranking?

The tool will tell you what mistakes you are making. You may have to change your keywords or reorganize your post in order to correct your mistakes.

You can refresh old content to improve your ranking. Check your old content using the tool and determine what changes have occurred and need to be made. Begin by creating good content and tracking the trajectory.

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