Identifying Hidden Content Opportunities

Do you want to improve traffic to your website? In this week’s episode, we share how to identify hidden content opportunities and create better traffic to existing posts.

In this episode, we are talking about content auditing. We explain what a content audit is and the steps to perform one for your website.

Episode 046: Identifying Hidden Content Opportunities

What is a content audit?

You may have irrelevant content or content that is not performing well. As part of your workflow as an influencer, you should include content auditing.

A content audit is a task you perform to ensure your content is performing well. Performing a content audit will help Google to better understand your content and website.

How do you perform a content audit?

The first step should be to delete content that does perform well. You can easily tell which posts these are because they are not providing traffic. You can determine this by using Google Analytics. This should also be used for posts that do not have the potential to perform well later. If you have a URL that provides traffic, but the post does not meet your standards, you can redirect the traffic to a more beneficial post.

The next type of post that you will look at are posts that you wish to keep but you do not want Google to see on your website. Posts you created early on that have sentimental value may fall into this category. This is called no-index.

Next, you should determine if there are posts that should be combined. This technique works best for posts that receive some traffic, but do not have a substantial amount of information. You can create a better post by combining posts that share the same topic and fall into this category.

Finally, you should determine which posts you wish to keep. You should determine if the post has SEO-potential, social-potential, reader-interest, and personal love for the post. The post may not meet all of these, but you ultimately can determine if you want to keep it.

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