Is Your Mindset Blocking Your Success?

Have you been struggling with maintaining a confident and optimistic mindset? At times, negative experiences can impact your mindset and block your success. Marye Audet-White talks about these blocks and how you can overcome them.

Marye Audet-White explains how to change mindset

Everyone starts his or her business with a confident and hopeful mindset. However, there could be negative experiences that can discourage us from pursuing our goals.

Marye Audet-White discusses what types of mindsets can block our success and how to overcome them. Whether they are negative experiences or inner thoughts, Marye shares what can help you overcome them and how to maintain an optimistic mindset to lead you to success.

Episode 072: Is Your Mindset Blocking Your Success?

About Marye Audet-White

Marye Audet-White is a former stay at home mom of 8 who took a mid-life trauma and turned it into an empire. Now she teaches other women to do the same. She is the owner of Restless Chipotle Media, LLC, where she writes full time on her blogs Marye Audet-White and Restless Chipotle. She has published over 10 cookbooks, homeschooled for 22 years, and been featured in numerous interviews, websites and TV spots.

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What Can Block Your Success

When it comes to running your business, there could be past experiences that can negatively affect your mindset and keep you from succeeding. You might tend to put others’ feelings over your own. Other times you can think you are not good enough and might undercharge or give your products for free. Not forgiving yourself for your past mistakes can also block your success. Women tend to feel guilty because they are not adding to the family income, or if they are bringing income, then they feel guilty for not giving their family time. All of these issues can lead to imposter syndrome and make you doubt your abilities.

Having an unhealthy money mindset can be very detrimental. Many people are afraid to invest in their own business and tend to be frugal with their money. You might feel overwhelmed by your finances and avoid it completely. However, this is not healthy.

How to Develop a Positive Mindset

To help you develop a positive mindset, you need to first identify what the issues are. Journaling can help you understand why you are feeling a certain way. After this, you need to decide that the feeling and engaging in negative behaviors is not healthy for you. You need to stop bringing yourself down and start believing you are successful. Doing Affirmations every day will help you to start believing everything you think you are not. Believe that you are making the world a better place by giving solutions to your audience through your content.

“You have to consciously choose to change that mindset.”

How Networking Can Help

You need to surround yourself with other people you want to be like. Hanging with people who are negative is only going to bring you down. Apart from gaining new knowledge, events and conferences can provide great networking opportunities. Do not be afraid to meet other people. You can learn from other people, encourage each other, and even help invest in each other’s business.

“Everyone has something of value.”

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