10 Minute Tasks You Can Do Right Now

Do you find yourself with short periods of free time? In this episode, we are discussing tasks you can do to scale your business in just 10 minutes.

You may find yourself with little pockets of free time. Instead of spending that time scrolling on Facebook or playing a game, you can do simple tasks to scale your business.

In this episode, we will be sharing 10 easy 10-minutes to organize and grow your business.

Episode 047: 10-Minute Tasks

Cleaning out your inbox and setting up message filters

While going through your unread messages, set up filters to automatically move certain emails into folders, skip your inbox, or unsubscribe to them.

Preparing for newsletter

In 10 minutes, you can create and outline or template for a newsletter. You may also be able to create an entire newsletter in 10 minutes.

If you keep a social listening folder, you can transfer some of the comments into the folder where you keep them.

Checking and responding to blog comments

You can reply to, approve, delete, or mark blog comments as spam. This will help alleviate digital pressure.

Record an Instagram Reel, Instagram/Facebook story, or TikTok

Instead of scrolling on Facebook, use that time to create a post for your audience to connect with and scale your business.

Clean and organize your desktop

Delete unneeded items, create folders, rename files, and sort the items that are building up in your desktop. Create effective names for folders and you may want to create one for items you may want to look at later.

Keyword research

In 10 minutes, you can run keyword reports and research effective SEO terms. You can then use this information for a post you are working on.

Fix Broken Links

Instead of focusing on every broken link you can find, spend just 10 minutes fixing some broken links.

Engage with posts on social media

Engaging with posts on social media will help feed your business. You can spend as little or as much time doing this, but it is important to add this into your free time.

Update or apply to a sponsored post network

If you belong to a network, make sure that the links to your social media accounts are updated and working. You can also use this time to look for opportunities to apply for.

Search for new affiliates to promote

You can search for new affiliate links to promote on your website. Do not overwhelm yourself by spending more than 10 minutes to search for new affiliates.

Create a post using your new affiliate links

You can create a post promoting a new affiliate link in 5 minutes, so you should be able to create at least two posts for affiliate links in 10 minutes.

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