10 Tools You Should Be Using On Your Website

In today’s world of digital media, optimization is paramount. Whether you are trying to organize data, improve user experience, or simply be more efficient online, there are so many tools that can change the way that work is done. In this week’s episode, Corinne and Christina outline some applications that can make your life easier and your business more profitable.

The Smart Influencer Podcast outlines 10 tools to help make your website run smoother.

Trying to find the right program or plug-in for one’s business can seem like an endless endeavor, especially when comparing functionality and price points. Online tools come in so many different shapes and sizes, meaning that one program generally does not accomplish every need.

Drawing from personal experience, Corinne and Christina give an honest and in-depth look at the tools that they are currently using to make their businesses run smoother. Ranging from free add-ons to expansive program subscriptions, this episode offers something for everyone from the first-time blogger to the most experienced of online entrepreneurs.

Episode 053: 10 Tools You Should Be Using On Your Website


Opening the episode, Corinne and Christina showcase two services that assist them in keeping track of their data and information, primarily through emails. 

First, they discussed ConvertBox, which helps to make one’s website more navigatitable and it specifically allows one to easily switch between email providers with ease.

Corinne and Christina also discussed the importance of choosing the right email provider for one’s business, and MailerLite was recommended.


Many of the website tools centralled around the idea of making one’s website more user friendly, which would lead to a boost in engagement and eventually revenue. One of the most important jobs of many of the “optimization” tools is the construction of a strong link network and programs such as Link Whisper and Thirsty Affiliates help The Smart Influencer Podcast to achieve that.

The episode touched on plugins like WP Recipe Maker, which is a template made by bloggers for bloggers and Yoast, which assists in search engine optimization. 

A huge benefit of WP Recipe Maker is that posts can be edited through the template without affecting one’s ranking within the Google algorithm.


Last but not least, Corinne and Christina outlined two programs that serve them in promoting their content to their viewers and potential viewers.

Smash Balloon is a program that essentially creates an interactive Instagram feed allowing users to easily access more information about a certain post. One Signal is a service that provides a user with the ability to send subscribers customized push notifications.

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