A Simple Strategy to be More Organized

Want to be more organized in your workflow? Corinne & Christina discuss how the simple strategy of naming conventions can help you be more organized.

Corinne & Christina discuss a strategy to more organized

When it comes to staying organized, there are many strategies you can use. In this episode, Corinne & Christina discuss how naming conventions has helped them stay organized and increase their productivity. They share tips on how you can stay organized no matter the platform.

Episode 070: A Simple Strategy to be More Organized

The Importance of Naming Conventions

Creating naming conventions will allow you to keep consistency within your files and simplify the search for them. When you work with a team, it allows for uniformity because everyone will be familiar with using the same terms. If you transition to digital notes, it will make it easier to sort and filter out what you are looking for, instead of flipping through your notes.

You might think you have no time to spare to organize your files, but think about how much time you will save when you go back to search for something. Most importantly, you will not lose your files.

How to Determine Naming Conventions

When it comes to naming conventions, you need to come up with a standard format on how you will name your folders, files, photos, and the like. This will help you stay consistent and simplify your search. Think about what you might need to look for in the future. Will you be searching by date? Key terms? Type of items?

You need to think about your workflow and see what works for you. This also means that different categories can have different naming conventions. Brainstorm how you want to organize your files and have a cheat sheet of what that naming convention is.

How to Use Them in Various Platforms

Having multiple files on various platforms can be overwhelming, however, there are multiple strategies that work. When you save your files, create template folders and subfolders so it can be easy to find and duplicate. You will be able to organize raw images or audios in one folder and have your final edited ones in another folder. For your email, keeping folders is also helpful. You can use emojis to have the more important ones stand out or number them so it can be kept in chronological order. On Canva, you can also create templates and folders to keep your creative images organized.

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