A Unique Approach to SEO

Do you wonder how some bloggers get so much search traffic? In this episode, Brandon Gaille explains his unique approach to SEO and how he gets over 5 million monthly visitors on his blog.

In this episode, we are talking with Brandon Gaille about using a unique strategy for SEO using Rank IQ. Brandon explains his strategy that earns him over million monthly and how to use the Rank IQ tools for better results.

Episode 052: A Unique Approach to SEO

About Brandon Gaille

Brandon is a blogger that gets over 5 million monthly visitors from Google search, and he is the host of The Blogging Millionaire podcast. He is also the founder of RankIQ, which is an AI SEO toolset built just for bloggers.

Website: brandongaille.com
Instagram: @theblogmillionaire
Facebook: facebook.com/brandongaille

What should people focus on when looking at keyword volume?

Keyword volume is used for a single search phrase but should be used for Google Ads. Most keyword phrases will have thousands of variations. Look at the data and find a variation that has less volume. Using lower-volume keywords will help provide more traffic to your website because it has less competition.

Rank IQ does not show suggestions for ads that may be misleading for a blogger.

How important is it to follow exact keywords and add them to a blog post?

Words should not be stuffed into a blog post for better SEO. Instead, strategically place words similar to the LSI keywords. Write content about unique topics

Print out important keywords or phrases or download them to a spreadsheet. From there, you can organize the keywords and determine how to group them for a topic.

Are keywords kept permanently in the listings on Rank IQ?

If the words were to stay permanently, they would grow in volume and become more competitive. On Rank IQ, once and any word has run more than three reports, it will be taken off the list. 20-30 keywords are taken off per week.

Keywords are reviewed on a weekly basis and removed permanently once it reaches three reports to maintain low-volume and low-competition. Do not rush to run a report to claim a keyword because only 20-30 words are removed per week.

Does Rank IQ have a rank tracking tool?

Other keyword research tools are not accurate in tracking rankings. Rank IQ has a rank tracking tool that uses Google Search Console data. The data from Google Search Console is the most accurate.

Rank IQ shows you where you rank so you can adapt your content. Eventually, Rank IQ will make it so when you run a report, the rank tracking tool will work with it.

The Blogging Millionaire Podcast

Brandon Gaille’s podcast, The Blogging Millionaire, shares information rather than entertaining interviews. The podcast episodes are educational and about 10 minutes long. Tips are shared about increasing income and getting more search traffic.

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