Anatomy of Email Marketing

Are you just starting your business and want to learn more about email marketing, or do you want to improve your current strategy? Then you have come to the right place. Allea Grummert, owner of Duett, breaks down the anatomy of email marketing to help you come up with the best strategy.  

Allea Grummert breaks down the anatomy of email marketing

If you are looking to learn more about email marketing or find new ways to reach more subscribers, Allea Grummert shares what strategies have helped her and her clients alike. She breaks down each step to create consistent content, how to incorporate your products, and how to measure your success.

Episode 078: Anatomy of Email Marketing

About Allea Grummert

Owner of Duett, Allea Grummert is an email marketing strategist & conversion copywriter who helps online business owners make a killer first impression through automated welcome & nurture sequences. She helps her clients build intentional email strategies that engage readers, build brand loyalty and optimize conversions for sales and site traffic.

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Why Sequences are Important

Email sequences are responsible for providing your subscribers with consistent content that keeps them engaged. The welcome sequence is vital to keep your subscribers engaged from the beginning. The welcome sequence allows you to introduce yourself to your subscribers and the type of content you will be sending them. After the welcome sequence, you need to move into the nurture sequence, in which you send weekly emails. The nurture sequence allows you to be consistent in providing them content and resources they need. You can also use the sequence to tailor and personalize the content your subscribers receive by using link triggers and letting them choose what they want to receive. If you are consistent with your sequences, then you will be able to measure your success through open rates, clickthrough rates, and engagement.

What is a welcome sequence?

A welcome sequence is a series of one to five emails, in which you introduce yourself and your blog to your subscribers. The sequence is typically sent throughout the first week they subscribe to your emails. The goal of the welcome sequence is to let your readers know what sets you apart so they will continue to remain subscribed to you. In the sequence, you can share your most helpful resources and the kind of content you create. This strategy is not only helpful in attracting subscribers, but also purges the people who are not interested in your posts; you do not want to send them content that is not helpful to them.

How to Promote Your Product

When it comes to email marketing, you might feel shy to promote your products. However, you need to remember that you create the products because you want to help your subscribers. You are giving something of value to your audience while promoting the product. You can start by making deals and sales but not too often; you still need to remind them the product is worth the price. You can use email marketing to explain the product over several emails. Through the course of the emails, you can explain the benefits and features of the product. Moreover, adding social proof to your emails helps build credibility; you can use a case study or testimonials.

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