Converting Subscribers Into Buyers

Are you looking for a simple way to boost sales and increase profits? In this week’s episode, Corinne and Christina break down tripwires, and they’ll teach you how to monetize your email subscription services.

Corinne & Christina teach you how to optimize your tripwires.

When a subscriber willingly gives their email to your brand, it is important to capitalize on that and get them into a “buying mode.” By giving them a deal they can’t refuse, a buyer could be convinced to make a purchase.

In a perfect scenario, a buyer who is enticed by a tripwire will then explore the site further, make futures purchases, and become a loyal customer.

Episode 057: Converting Subscribers to Buyers

What is a Tripwire?

A tripwire is essentially a thank you page that presents a limited time discount offer after a new subscriber has opted into the mailing service.

Tripwires are a great way to make a sale and capture a potential buyer with an irresistible offer.

Creating Tripwires

In order to create a tripwire, the website must already have an opt-in email list and there needs to be a redirect in place so that when a potential buyer does sign up they are shown the offer.

Another key aspect of tripwires is urgency as the buyer must know that if they do no act immediately, they will lose the deal.

Corinne and Christina suggest at minimum a 25% off discount.

Why Do They Work?

Given their nature, tripwires tend to have a higher conversion rate then most other sales tactics.

When tripwires succeed in placing a customer in “buying mode”, it could lead them to explore related topics and products.

Tripwires work best when they are well researched and they focus on user intent

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