Finding the Best Music for Your Brand (without complications)

Are you looking to add music to your brand and content without all the hassle? Stephanie Leyva is here to discuss how using Thematic to find music can benefit you.

In this episode, we met with Stephanie Leyva of Thematic to discuss finding music for your brand. Stephanie spoke with us about Thematic, a platform for creators to connect with artists and incorporate their music into their content.

Searching for the right music for content doesn’t have to be a chore. Using Thematic can help you navigate this task with ease, and could even make it fun! Connecting and collaborating with artists will ensure you get the best content for your brand without any complications.

Episode 099: Finding the Best Music for Your Brand

About Stephanie Leyva

Stephanie Leyva sits at the intersection of music artists and content creators. As the Director of Partnerships at Thematic, Stephanie has worked extensively with the artist and creator community on the site to ensure success digitally, on the platform, and support their initiatives.

Over the past few years, she has led numerous trending music-driven influencer marketing campaigns for “Glitter” and “Supalonely (feat. Gus Dapperton)” by BENEE, “Loneliness for Love” by Lovelytheband, “Checklist (feat. Chromeo)” by MAX and so many more. She has also worked alongside various labels such as Casablanca Records, Republic Records, and Sony Music.

Focused on empowering connections between content creators and music artists, Stephanie continues to lead the charge in innovative music discovery through social.


What is Thematic?

Thematic is a community-based platform that allows content creators to connect with music artists. Both artists and creators can use the platform to encourage collaboration.

Thematic is also very focused on curation. Therefore, the system is set up similarly to Netflix to allow creators to choose music that best fits their brand. Artists upload their music while creators can scroll through and select music that best fits their brand.

The music included in Thematic ranges from instrumental to top 40 hits.

“If creators are able to have fun during the process of finding music, it doesn’t feel like a chore.” -Stephanie

Tips for Navigating Thematic to Maximize Your Content

  • Use a range of songs! The more songs you are using, the more of a chance the algorithm will place your video on the homepage.
  • Use the different sounds throughout the site to figure out the specific sound you are looking for.
  • Try to use current themes in music to drive your content.
  • Use keywords to search on Thematic to find the music you need.
  • You can search for an artist or song you like, and Thematic will provide you with music that has a similar sound.
  • Just like with your content, you have to keep the music up to date with trends and themes!

“If you set yourself up for success across all your channels, then you can really own your video and take it wherever you need to repurpose that content.” -Stephanie

Managing Rights to Music

  • When you download music from Thematic, you automatically receive a license for it that can be used across any of the platforms that Thematic covers.
  • If an issue does occur, you can protect yourself by providing the license link or the license code.
  • Thematic supports creators in the event of a wrongful takedown and works with the creators and platforms to clear up the issue.
  • Thematic has a Rights Management Team that tracks all of the music, label deals, and shifts to try and stay ahead of takedowns.

“The support [in rights management] is priceless.” -Christina

What’s Next

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You can connect with Stephanie Leyva on Thematic’s contact page or any of the social channels listed above.

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