My Process For Organizing A Video Shoot

In this episode, Christina shares with us her video production process. If you’re new to creating video content this is the perfect episode for you. Christina will give you tips and tricks on how to be successful in effectively organizing and filming a video shoot.

Christina & Corinne discuss their process for organizing a video shoot

Christina shares her video production process, which includes organizing plans and actually filming the video. Implementing a storyboard or a plan to your video production can really maximize your efficiency. Planning will not only make your video easier to film but it will also decrease potential errors from being shown in the video.

If you’re filming recipes, like Christina does, this episode will give you specific tips that you can implement in your recipe videos. The concept of planning and organizing ahead of time can also be extremely helpful for photographers or bloggers.

Episode 089: My Process for Organizing a Video Shoot

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Video Storyboarding

  • Planning an outline is called storyboarding in the video production world.
  • A storyboard walks you through the scene by scene of what you will be doing in the video.
  • Christina storyboards in Airtable so she can have all her production plans in one place and link any websites if need be.
  • Christina will include links to the corresponding blog post and include a link for the recipe that she’s making. Airtable will include her URL and any keywords that may apply.
  • Christina’s pre planning also includes creating a script for her intro and outro.
  • This Airtable workflow will include everything she wants to incorporate in the video, all the way from pre-production to post-production.

“I will tease a video if there is one that has to do with the recipe that I’m currently filming.”Christina

Examples of Workflow

  • Since Christina creates recipe videos, she will map out any prep or swap-outs that she needs to do.
  • If you create recipe videos, you can have all the ingredients measured out ahead of time in small dishes and tell the audience the measured amount. This will save time while filming because the audience doesn’t need to see you measure each ingredient.
  • If you measure out the ingredients ahead of time, you can store them in the fridge with sticky notes labeling each ingredient.
  • You can go through your recipe and see if there are any key tips that you want to point out while filming.
  • Have all the equipment out before you start filming that way you can be prepared.
  • Christina recommends breaking the recipe down into steps and including which equipment you will need in each step.
  • Christina will also have different SD cards handy on the day of filming. She will also have five sets of batteries for her mic.
  • Christina likes to film with a camera that has a DC adapter so she doesn’t have to stop filming in the middle of a video to charge the battery.
  • Before filming Christina will make sure that the background she is filming in front of looks clean.

“If I’m filming five recipes in one day, I will have five different shirts and five different pairs of earrings laid out ready for the video.” – Christina

Content Workflow

  • In Airtable, make sure to include exactly what you want the text that will overlay the video to say.
  • Christina doesn’t write out the action in the text, unless it’s not obvious.
  • She will incorporate a Youtube section where she will include all the affiliate links.
  • If you prefer this method, you can film the recipe without speaking and include a voiceover that way you can read the script off-camera.
  • If you wanted to incorporate storyboarding for photography you could list out all of your props, where you’re going to have the photoshoot, and what times.
  • You can also map out all your camera angles ahead of time.
  • Bloggers can implement this workflow as well by mapping out what they will write and deciding the key points that you want your audience to take away.

“Planning makes the filming process much easier.” – Christina

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