How To Be More Successful With Email Marketing

If you want to learn how copywriting emails can help expand your brand, this is the perfect episode for you. Lauren Grow, the founder of The Talk About Town tells us everything we need to know about email marketing, along with a few tips and tricks. If you’re looking to start an email marketing program, Lauren gives excellent advice on how to begin.

Lauren Grow helps her clients with email marketing daily and is talking all about email marketing 101 in this podcast episode. If you don’t know where to start or need email copywriting tips this episode is the perfect place to begin.

Lauren goes over specifics, like what to put in your subject line and what not to include. Lauren also lets us in on her favorite content marketing tools: MailerLite, AWeber, Mad Mimi, Convertkit, and MailChimp. If you want to know how to build a consistent email marketing program, how to reach your audience, and how to increase clicks over time, this is the podcast episode for you.

Episode 084: How To Be More Successful With Email Marketing

About Lauren Grow

Residing right outside of the City of Brotherly Love with her boyfriend and rescue pup, Lauren has worked in marketing and communications her entire career and currently works full-time as a frontline fundraiser for her alma mater. On the side, Lauren founded The Talk About Town five years ago after connecting with her first-ever client, Fresh April Flours. Since then, Lauren has built her business in the blogging sphere and has been aiding in growing thriving email marketing programs for at least 20 clients at any given time. Holding a master’s degree in nonprofit management from the University of Pennsylvania, Lauren is passionate about mission-driven organizations and entrepreneurship.


Email Marketing 101

  • Email marketing is a marketing tool that is intimate between the consumer and the blogger or the company.
  • Copywriting emails has elements of personalization, it’s a sneak peek for the audience.
  • Lauren’s philosophy on email marketing and all forms of marketing is helping to implement a consistent voice.
  • Consistency looks different for each blogger. Email marketing choices usually depend on their budget. The sweet spot for most of her clients is sending out emails twice a week.
  • If you’re building an email marketing program, sending out an email once a week is mandatory.
  • The email does not have to be complex and can be sent out on the same day and time every week.
  • Include no more than five pictures in your email.
  • AB testing – it’s best to do testing on your subject lines and test out emojis, incorporating questions versus statements in the subject line. You can also test out the absence of pictures.
  • Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings are extremely effective in getting people to open emails and engage.
  • Testing is trial and error, test for two months to see when the best time to send your emails is.
  • Write down a list of times where your emails or content do well. Don’t necessarily pay attention to unsubscribes, focus on the opens and clicks.
  • Give the two successful time periods a shot for two or three weeks to narrow down what is working.

“Incorporate hot links and hyperlinks (not too many, sprinkle them in).” – Lauren Grow

How To Build A Consistent Email Marketing Program

  • Lauren’s opinion on forever series is that clients can implement them and then move on eventually. Her fear is that the audience or readers can sniff out what is not a real time update. The forever series also has a lot of room for error.
  • Lauren recommends planning out an editorial calendar while still keeping it fresh.
  • People consider email marketing to be very similar to a blog post.
  • Make your emails short and sweet.
  • This is an affordable way to talk to your audience without having to get on camera.
  • Your email template should have your logo at the top, a headline and an introduction, and then include the main information below the introduction text.
  • Lauren suggests using a language roundup in your emails. Her audience responds well to them.
  • Incorporate basic emails, welcome series, and sales funnels. Welcome series are low hanging fruit and allow you to get to know your audience.
  • Some information on general email client management: looking at unsubscribe rates, cleaning lists, and making sure that the backend of your email marketing program is working successfully.

“Check your backend functions once a month: clean out your unsubscribes, bounces, and complaints.” – Lauren Grow

Email Etiquette

  • Lauren has noticed that there is a difference between the clients that bring personal elements into their content and clients who don’t. Audiences really love personal content.
  • Strategies to improve your emails’ open rates and click through rates: include your name in the email so people can see who’s sending it and the subject line should be enticing.
  • Do not use a ton of emojis or informal language in the subject line. Putting questions in the subject line tends to do well.
  • Make sure that the subject line is written in a consistent voice.
  • Christina does find that putting one emoji at the beginning of the subject line causes her emails to do better.
  • Using two or more emojis in the subject line can cause the email to go into spam.
  • The writing in your email can be casual, but there still needs to be some sort of formality. Be careful with your use of slang in your emails.

“Make your hyperlinks the brand’s color. Red buttons are the most effective to get people to click on.” – Lauren Grow

What’s Next

You can connect with Lauren Grow on The Talk About Town or by email at [email protected].

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