How To Build Your Blog Support System (aka Your Tribe)

Ever wonder how to find your tribe? Christina and Corinne discuss how finding your tribe can benefit your blogging and propel your business to the next level. Your tribe will be composed of like-minded individuals who understand the industry.

How to Build your Blog support system (aka your tribe) with Christina and Corinne

In this episode, Christina and Corinne talk about finding your tribe. They give tips on where you can find your tribe and how you can start connecting with new people. They also highlight the importance of having a tribe and how having one can make being an influencer less isolating.

Having a tribe can inspire new ideas and collaborations that you wouldn’t have considered doing alone. One of the best places to find like-minded individuals is at conferences (fun fact: Christina and Corinne actually met at a conference). You don’t even have to leave your house to find your tribe, social media groups are another great way to find your tribe.

Episode 093: How To Build Your Blog Support System (aka Your Tribe)

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Finding Your Tribe

  • Having a tribe can help you propel your business to the next level.
  • A tribe can also help you get through challenging times as a blogger, influencer, or small company owner.
  • Since the industry is relatively new not a lot of people understand the job.
  • People who aren’t in the industry won’t necessarily understand how you get paid and what the expenses are as an influencer or blogger.
  • You’re not going to find your people if you don’t look for them.
  • Just ask! Great way to meet new people, they’re willing to help you.
  • Join a Facebook group and post that you want to start a tribe.
  • Tribes don’t have to have a ton of people in them, you can start with just finding one other person.
  • Conferences are one of the best places to meet friends. Christina and Corinne actually met each other at a conference.
  • Christina had posted on a Facebook group page asking if anyone wanted to learn about Airtable. They ended up all meeting on Zoom and that’s when Christina and Corinne realized that they think alike.

“Some action is required to find your tribe.” – Corinne

Building Your Tribe

  • Look in Facebook groups that you’re interested in and see which people are active on that page.
  • You can make friends online before you go to conferences so that way you’re not walking in alone. You can do icebreakers beforehand online to get to know each other.
  • Corinne did a fitness challenge in her blogging group and they all set goals to start exercising more.
  • Christina and Corinne did a goal challenge in a group and they created a spreadsheet to keep track of everyone’s goals and milestones.
  • Corinne has different friends with different qualities that she will go to depending on the situation. The tribe is there so that you have the support you need and people that you can reach out to.
  • At conferences you’ll find out who is good at what: Who’s killing it on Instagram, who’s really good on Pinterest, who knows SEO.
  • Once you meet those people, you can have structured lessons once a month where someone leads a discussion in their area of expertise. This allows people to learn about the different platforms and strategies.
  • Asking lots of questions can cause everyone in the group to participate more.
  • Step out of your box at conferences, sit in a different chair than the day before or join a different table. This is an easier way to approach new people.

“Make sure to follow up with the people you met after the conference.” – Christina

The Smart Influencer Legacy Organizer & The Smart Influencer Hive

  • Christina and Corinne created the Smart Influencer Legacy Organizer. This is the “what would happen if you got hit by a bus” product on Airtable.
  • Identifying who your blog support system is so that whoever takes over, if you can’t perform, has something to help navigate the waters.
  • One of the best places to find your tribe is in a paid group, these are the people who have followed through. You can find like-minded influencers in the Smart Influencer Hive.
  • If you join the Smart Influencer Hive, Christina and Corinne can help you find others that they feel will be a good fit for a tribe (based on size, earning potential, learn from them). 
  • The people who have invested time and money are the people you tend to meet at conferences because they’re serious about blogging.
  • Blog coaches are great and can help connect you with their other coaching clients.
  • Always hire someone who is just as smart as you, if not smarter. The same rule applies when building your tribe.

“Aim high, pick people that you look up to.” – Corinne

What’s Next

You can connect with Christina and Corinne on The Smart Influencer website.

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