Insider Tips for Making More Money

Have you been searching for new ways to make more money for your business? Sean Martin shares his tips on how you can monetize your business through brand partnering, affiliate links and social media strategies.  

Sean Martin gives insider tips for making more money

Monetization is one of the most important aspects of running a business, however, you do not have to limit yourself on solely running ads on your website.

Sean Martin shares what strategies have helped him increase his profits for his business through brand partnering, affiliate links and social media. He further explains how to approach brands and make the most of email marketing. Sean Martin’s tips display that monetization does not have to be difficult if you just put yourself out there and ask.

Episode 079: Insider Tips for Making More Money

About Sean Martin

Sean Martin is co-author of the cookbook Fire + Wine and has been developing recipes for two decades. He began consuming wine in college where his roommates made fun of him and his gift for hosting fancy parties. After college he continued his passion in food and wine developing recipes and cooking outside with family and friends. Along with Mary, he co-founded the award-winning catering company, Ember and Vine, where he grew his culinary passion.

Well, decades later, he gets to tell his former roommates that those fancy parties and work in catering laid the bricks for a career in food and wine. Sean enjoys curating behind the scenes for Vindulge, as well as being part of the wine tasting panel for the wine shop.

Website: Vindulge
Instagram: @Vindulge
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Affiliate Links Can Add Up

When you partner with an affiliate, you get paid to sell a product on their behalf and earn a commission. Therefore, you need to search for affiliate products that are a good fit for your business; this way, it will be easier to include it in your content. Look beyond the amazon affiliates and work with brands themselves.

To make it easier for your audience to find the products, you need to simplify the link process so it can go from link to product purchase page in one click. The money that you can make from affiliates can add up and you can use it to pay for outsource partners or any other fundamental task needed to run your business.

How to Reach Out to Brands

When it comes to reaching out to brands, it can be somewhat daunting. However, you need to remember that the worst they can say is “No.” The first step is to use Google analytics to get a base level knowledge of your audience. Then, when you do direct pitching, you can show the brands who your audience is and how you will be able to sell the product. You also need to find out who you are pitching to directly, such as their lead content creator. For this task, LinkedIn is an extremely important yet underutilized resource. You also need to use their language, including terms like ROI, engagement, impressions and many more. All of these steps will let the brands know that you are informed and genuinely interested in working with them.

Social Media and Email Marketing

Social media and email marketing are the best for brand work. Instagram is the No. 1 platform where brands spend more money, however, TikTok is beginning to take over. In addition to brands being readily accessible through these platforms, they have also set up creator funds. If you consistently post and reach a large audience, these platforms will pay you through their creator funds.

Moreover, do not underestimate the power of email. You can use email to insert your affiliate links and even sell your own products, such as eBooks or templates.

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