E107: Keyword Research for 2023

In this episode, Christina and Corinne sat down with Aleka Shunk of Cooking with Keywords to discuss keyword research for 2023. Aleka Shunk combines her teaching and keyword experience to introduce the best tools, strategies, and more.

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In this episode you will learn:

  • The importance of investing in paid tools for business growth
  • Explore keyword research tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs
  • Reflection on the challenge of comparing different SEO tools
  • Explanation of Key Search’s algorithmic updates affecting keyword volume accuracy

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About Aleka Shunk

Aleka is the founder of the food blog ‘Aleka’s Get-Together’ and has a Master’s Degree in Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum. After researching keywords ineffectively for over two years, she finally figured out how to find the right keywords that allowed her to rank on the first page of Google tripling her organic search traffic in under four months.

Aleka then took her expertise as both a food blogger and teacher to create ‘Cooking With Keywords’, a keyword research school to help other bloggers increase their organic search traffic.

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About Keyword Research Tools

  • Keysearch is a great starter tool for keyword research. For $30 a month, it has everything you need for research.
  • SEM Rush and Ahrefs are similar tools that are also very helpful. SEM Rush has a slight edge with a cool content analyzer tool.
  • Rank IQ is also a good option to look into.
  • Use google analytics and google search console in conjunction with these tools.
  • Try to find a tool you can afford and that works for you and master how to use it.
  • Use these tools to research, optimize content, track the position of your top keyword, and update your keywords based on your findings.

“Find a tool you can afford and know how to use or you are willing to learn how to use to make informed decisions.” -Christina

Keyword Strategy Tips

  • Make sure you are not over-optimizing and your content is user-friendly. It is important to keep users in mind!
  • Keep an eye on your competition and use your competition to get the edge.
  • Be different! Think outside of the box to get more of an advantage.
  • If something isn’t working, try something new.
  • Keep track of updates so you can track what works for you!
  • Take some risks. Don’t always use the standard template.
  • Update your posts in small pieces at a time.

If you stick to those good practices [being user friendly] it really doesn’t matter what updates google is throwing out there, you should be unaffected. -Aleka

What’s Next

Make sure you grab your FREE download >> Cooking with Keywords Affiliate

You can connect with Aleka Shunk through email [email protected].

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