Smart Insights: How I Grew my Business

Have you been trying to grow your business but feel overwhelmed with all the different tools available? In this episode, Alison Corey discusses what tools she uses that has helped her drive traffic to her business and gives you suggestions on how you can use them to their utmost potential.

Alison Corey explains how she grew her business

When it comes to blogging and running a business, there are so many great tools that can be of use. However, it can become overwhelming or hard to decide which will work best. Alison Corey shares what tools have helped her business and how they can also benefit you. She discusses her strategy with SEO, images, and email marketing and how to keep it running smoothly.

Episode 065: Smart Insights: How I Grew My Business

About Alison Corey

Alison Corey is the recipe developer, writer, and photographer behind the vegan food blog Keeping the Peas. She’s a former Kindergarten teacher turned full-time blogger. She’s a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, wife to an omnivore, and mom with two picky eaters. She loves finding creative ways to encourage her kids and husband to embrace whole food plant-based recipes. Since becoming a blogger she’s immersed herself in learning everything she can about SEO to optimize old recipe posts, and find the “just right keywords” for new ones.

Website: Keeping the Peas
Instagram: @Keepingthepeas
Facebook: Keeping the Peas

Keysearch and Rank IQ

When it comes to researching keywords, Keysearch and Rank IQ have been the most effective and affordable. SEO and Google are the biggest drivers of traffic for sites. Therefore, learning about SEO and how to use the online keyword tools will be very useful. Alison starts her process with Rank IQ to find any keywords related to each other. She then enters those keywords into Keysearch to find the key volumes and its score. This allows you to choose which words to use that will drive the most traffic. Rank IQ’s feature to find related keywords also allows you to find keywords to answer niche questions from your audience. This process will allow you to find the best terms to put into your post to be more likely to rank.

“Find highest volume keyword with the lowest competition.”


Canva allows you to simplify your social media presence and keep your posts on brand. Canva’s tools make it easy to maintain a consistency with your posts by creating templates, and saving your color schemes and logos. The subscription also unlocks many tools to help simplify your creative process. In addition, it allows you to create as many folders imaginable to help you stay organized.


When it comes to email marketing, there are various options to choose from to help you create your emails. Alison recommends using ConvertKit in unison with Convert Pro as she has achieved great success in growing her email list. ConvertKit allows you to be more specific when creating the popups that will help you cater to your target groups. You also have more control over your designs that can help target niche groups. Alison also suggests to send broadcast emails to everyone on your email list and then send forever series emails twice a week to your segmented groups.

What’s Next

You can connect with Alison Corey on her blog Keeping the Peas and through her email [email protected].

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