The Tech Side Of SEO

Are you looking to learn more about SEO from a tech perspective? This podcast will help you better understand and manage SEO for your site.

In this episode, Christina and Corrine sat down with Jade Pruett of HelloSEO to discuss the tech side of SEO.

In this episode, Christina and Corinne sat down with Jade Pruett of HelloSEO to discuss the tech side of SEO. She spoke about her experience working for large and small companies and how to best manage SEO using Site Maps and Google Search Console.

If your SEO optimization efforts need a boost, try using the tips and tricks in this podcast to improve your results.

Episode 102: The Tech Side of SEO

About Jade Pruett

Jade Pruett is an SEO Specialist and the founder of HelloSEO. HelloSEO is an SEO agency, started in 2020, for small businesses and start-ups.

In the past, Jade worked with CNN and Business Insider and their affiliates to do their SEO. Using her experience working with big brands, she decided to create HelloSEO to provide these services to smaller companies.


Things to Look Out For

  • Content is important for SEO. However, in order for your site to have SEO value, your tech has to be in order.
  • Some things Google could potentially not like are your site speed, duplicate content, and not being able to navigate your site.

“Google is like a baby and you have to show them how to look at your website.” -Jade Pruett

How to Make Your Site Navigable

  • Creating a site map could help google navigate your page.
  • Instead of starting from scratch, use to copy and paste your website URL and upload the generated site map to your Google Search Console.
  • Another way to ensure Google can navigate your site is to make sure your linking is good.
  • You don’t want to have any pages not linked to your homepage.
  • Have your header and your meta be your target keywords, but it does not have to be in your menu.
  • What happens when a scrapper site copies your content? Typically, Google is smart enough to recognize you created the post first.

“Make sure that no page is more than 3 to 4 clicks away from your homepage.” -Jade Pruett

Managing Site Speed and Imagery

  • Pay attention to the platform you use! Some platforms don’t allow for enough control over what is being published, which can result in slow load times.
  • Put images through an image compressor first and make sure the image has a set size.
  • A good tool for managing your site speed is Site Speed Insights.
  • The benchmark speed for your website is 3.2 seconds.
  • When trying to outrank someone, try to change your site speed to be slightly faster than theirs.
  • Gifs can slow down your site.

Site Speed Insights can let you know exactly why your site is loading slowly.

The Importance of Robot Text and Site Security

  • Robot text is another thing to consider in your SEO efforts.
  • Make sure your site has robot text by putting in the URL of your site /robots.txt.
  • Robot shows Google what to index versus what to not index.
  • Site security is also a key factor in the technical side of SEO.

“Google just wants to be promoting the best websites possible and of course it being secure is a big one…” -Jade Pruett

What’s Next

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