E175: Go for the Scary Things: Don’t be Afraid to Fail

In this episode, Shyanne Gregg, an editorial manager and food blog writer, explores the prevalent challenges of imposter syndrome and perfectionism in the blogging industry, emphasizing the significance of embracing imperfection and taking decisive action.

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • How imposter syndrome and perfectionism hinder content creation
  • How to prioritize action over perfection
  • How to face fears and embrace failure
  • Understand and adapt to different communication styles

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About Shyanne Gregg

Shyanne Gregg kickstarted her career as an unpaid intern during college, venturing into virtual assistant work. Through dedication and perseverance, she transitioned to a paid VA role while still studying. Within three years, she made a significant shift to content and copywriting, swiftly achieving a six-figure salary, showcasing her relentless drive and adaptability in the industry.

Image of Shyanne Gregg with text that reads go for the scary things don't be afraid to fail.

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